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Wheel balance weights


Apr 13, 2006
1971 BB Convertible
Recently had my Chevy Dealer to replaced the 21 year old original Goodyear EMT tires (with 21,000 mile use) on my 2000 C5 and in getting the car back found all four wheels had the "stick-on" balance weights to the inside circumstance surface of the wheel - and that three of the four wheels had a 1.0 -1.5" length x 1/2 - 5/8" width damage area to the outer surface area of the rim (these are the optional 5 spoke aluminum wheels for the C5). Dealer thinks these damage areas are the areas underneath the original weights applied to the outer rim surface area of the wheel at the factory.

Does anyone know if any of the C5s left the factory with wheel balance weights attached on the outer surface side of the wheels? - if these rims can be repaired and if so by whom/where? - and if the stick-on balance weights are going to damage the inside circumstance surface of the wheel and should be replaced with weights on the inside area of the rim?

My 1994 C4 Vette which originally came with EMTs (as well as a spare and jack!) has had the tires replaced and neither the original set of tires or the replacements used neither outside rim weights or the stick-on weights.

Many thanks.
Don't know about the factory placement .... are these the champagne colored wheels? Is there an actual lip on your wheels? If so it is possible the factory placed them there.....Do you not remember if the wheel weights were there? You say the new weights are placed stuck on the "circumstance", not sure where you are talking about for sure....... all I know is that when my tire guy applies weights in my wheels they place them on the barrel of the wheel, in the area right behind the wheel spokes (for the outside weights)

The other thing is fixing the damage and if it can be repaired ... Yes, there are places that repair them. Not sure where Dyersburg is but, I think there ought to be someplace in Nashville or Memphis that can do that for you.
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