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wheel locks problem



I have american accessories locks on my 86 I bought the car from J.S. motors in Farimount In. and they had lost the key to the locks and have not returned my call on getting me the key like they said they would so if anyone would know how to go about getting a new key or getting them off it would help I have the key number but it is not a GM part. Thanks
If you can't acquire a key, you'll have to start wasting sockets. :eek

Take a cheap socket and hammer it onto the lug nut; it'll break (the socket that is) but you can remove you nuts that way if you don't have a key. ;)

_ken :w
Hey drdc4 Welcome to the group . I've dealt with J&S in Fairmont also . Thats a place where the truth isn't always a priorty . ( Thats as nice as I can say it ) . I wouldn't count on any help from them . I think I know who you are and you live close so I'll get ahold of you . I think I can help .
Had the same problem with my 85. I called McGard and they asked where I lived. I thought that was crazy till they told me that most dealerships have master keys for all the locks. So I ended up across the street from work at the pontiac dealer and lo and behold on the second try he found the one. McGard charged me $14.00 for a new key, a missing lock to match the three I had and a plastic cover for the lock nut. Call whoever made the locks. Some of the stories I heard was not acceptable, like chisel the lock nut off with no warranty against damage to the rim.
Hi Eagle85c4 Do you still have a number for McGards ?
I just went thru this with my tire change. Sent a $10 check off to Amcor for a replacement (and I'm still waiting). But had to get the wheels off. Imagine my surprise to find out "one size fits all" when we tried a friend's key. Why even bother with the locks!! jj

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