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Wheel spacer question


May 28, 2014
Knoxville TN
1989 Corvette BUILT l-98 1974 Stingray L-82
Hello I bought a set of torque thrust on my 1974 corvette and they are 9s in the front they rub a little when you turn I need some kind of wheel spacer just curious if anyone has a suggestion for me I am looking at the 1.5 in

1974 Chevrolet Corvette Wheel Spacers - 5X4.75 70.3CB 7/16 Studs - 1.5 Inch

will these work with the front hub or does anyone have any suggestions and has anyone done this before that can help me I know some spacer will not fit as they have a lip on the hub. Any info will be much appreciated thanks

ps this isnt a safety post about wheel spacers I know they are not ideal but I also know there not as dangerous as made out to be thanks
The kind of spacer at that link are very safe to use.

It's the other type of spacer which simply go over the existing wheel studs which can be problematic.

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