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When is a Vette like a GMC Trick ???



When is a Vette like a GMC Truck ???

While checking some numbers on my '72 454 4-speed, I've discovered that my Carb Number is 17054918 - which is from a '72 402/454 GMC Truck - Automatic. It is a ROCHESTER 4MV,
but I don't know if it is a functional equivalent.

Should I be concerned or are they too different ???
What difference does transmission make to a Carb ???

The rest of the engine/trans/differential are all ORIGINAL ( so far ).

Any help / comments would be appreciated.
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It's a great place! :upthumbs

In case it's a typo, do you know that you can go back into your post and edit it, including the subject? I noticed "Trick", thought it was a typo; but then I thought maybe you did it on purpose to attract attention to the post, and I didn't want to edit it for that reason. ;)

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