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Where are they now?



OK, it's 2:30am and I'm at work bored out of my skull so....I was thinking about the first L-81 get together at the museum and some of the people seem to have dropped out of site. Haven't seen Trent around in ages, Ron and his wife who got stuffed in the barrel of peanuts by Brutus, Jeff haven't seen you for a while, and others who for the life of me I can't remember at this time of the morning. You guys still out there?
Good Point Shark.. Time to Check in ;)

Rare81.. HERE

Bud Dougherty
Modesto, CA

I have wondered in the whereabouts of some our members, and I can only hope that they find themselves in good health and of sound spirit, and that only year-end work has kept them from checking-in. Health and Good Speed, everyone!!!!

Happy Holidays :SANTA :Twist :xmas :grinsanta :bar

Hey Scott, although you didn't say you missed me I'll assume that you do. (I'd hate to think otherwise.) I'm still alive, just trying to sort things out and put it all back in perspective. It's like a year has been taken out of my life. Things are looking a whole lot better now. If I only could get my car out of the shop, it only needs to be preped and painted now. I really miss not having her. I'm going by to see her this afternoon. I want to take her home. You'll know when she's home, that will be the loud "HOO RAY" you hear from Tampa.

I didn't leave your name out on purpose, hey it was 2:30am so I'm lucky I remember who I am :D I'm glad you're still with us and doing better, and it will be nice to hear your C4 is back home too. Hope you make it out to the January NCRS show in Orlando, stop by the tent and say HI. I'll be listening for your yell :L

It's great to see you posting again!!! Try to keep that Scott squared away, will ya. Glad to hear that your baby will be home soon.


I had Ron's email and actually sent him a digital pic of his car at the museum. Never have heard back from him though.
Let's hope we hear from some of the others......:beer
Dale- keep me out of trouble? Look who's talking :L Next time we meet I'll be wearing a turtle neck shirt with no pockets...you know what I'm talking about Mr. Peanut thrower.

I've got a bunch of cards with emails on them, maybe I'll get something out to the lost souls. I see the Dawg sneaking around too.

Tom- good to see ya, I see you post now and then.
I'm still here too

I can't get over this obcession for wanting to eat peanuts covered in Vegemite.
:w I'm here. :w

I've been wondering where Trent got off to also. You out there Trent?

I'm still here, but the vette is put away for winter and I am totally broke so no projects for now.
I would like to take this time to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I would like to add a Merry Christmas to Richards.

Ok Scott,

I am checking in to say all is well here. Been busy and I don't seem to get alot of time for the computer these days. I thought being retired meant having more time to have fun. Boy was I surprised. It seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get things done around here.

Been enjoying life now. Potogld is running great now. Had to get a new heater core and a few other things fixed on her. Now we can travel in the cold and not use a blanket.

Hope the New Year finds everyone in good health.

Richard keep your chin up, it'll get better.

Good to see you Bev! Glad you can leave the blanket at home now :L

Ron & Melissa glad you guys are still around too, you need to get out more, 3 times is not enough!

Hope everyone has a safe & happy new year! Looking forward to the next time we get together.
Still breathing in the Peoples Republic of MD. That museum trip seems like such a long time ago. Ron.... glad to see you guys are still around.

.............. Nut
Scott, good to see your post. I would have to say that I have been kind of busy. Traveling about 4000-5000/month (driving) and not the '81!! I go from Memphis to Dallas to New Orleans and Houston. I haven't been to see Trent for some time, but I will make a point of it within the next week when I travel to Memphis. Trent has a beautiful baby girl and I would assume the girls are keeping him busy also. This is the first time I have been on the "registry" for several months, since Brad and I visit the group in BG. Oh by the way, Brad is now in high school and is getting pretty involved, a grappler now!
You all take care and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Maybe in Nashville? or the MidWest? or Tampa? I need to start thinking about scheduling vacation time or I will end up like I did this year and giving it all back.
Happy New Year!!
Jeff & Brad
Nice to hear from you Jeff. Tell Brad good luck on the wrestling. Life's too short to be missing out on vacation time. Take it all this year.

Checking in !!

Hey there Tankster !! :w ...Dawg's still around !! :beer ... but still depressed that you & Brutus couldn't make the Labor Day bash this year. :cry ... and that the Santa Fe had gone soft because some yahoo sued them after slipping on a stray peanut shell !! :( Things have been a bit slow since BG, as I think Bud & I have only had the Sharks out once since then, on a lunch run with another '81 & '82. Spring is around the corner though, so it'll be time to take the DoG out for a "walk" pretty soon. :Steer
So far, no plans for '03, except BG isn't on the agenda this year. It'll be kinda strange not having the "BIG TRIP" to look forward to, so will just have to think of another road trip to get in some miles ... just not 5000 of them in one shot !! :L Maybe we can get some interest in a big CACC Rally in '04 !!!

Have Blender Will Travel :drink :pat

Jeff- good to see you alive and well. Is Brad wrestling or is he just "grappling" all the cute girls :D :L

Dawg- We wanted to go but my lousy work schedule said no. This August I'm going to the Woodward Dream Cruise no matter what, 3rd weekend of the month for those interested. Maybe you and the Bud-man should come out for that or come to Geezerville for 2 weeks while I'm off...you can sit with me and watch then crash into everything.

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