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Where are they now?

Well here it is 3am again and still bored at work :D I just remembered we still have one elusive member who was with us but who we haven't seen much of lately. Can you guess who?

Where's Kevin? :confused
Road trip? Did the DoG say he needed a road trip? Well maybe you and Yoda will have to hitch up the ponies and meet me in Morro Bay in late March. The Nut has got to be out there for some business meeting, my annual dinner with Bro Ken and find some time to get some business done. I don't think I'll be in golfing shape after my surgery by then.

Think about it..................... Nut
Well it's been awhile, I even had to re-register, but I see my pic is still on the pic page, I have been away due to a slight illness,(cancer) but I'm back. Its good to see some familiar names again!! I will be getting back to restoring my 81, and look forward to the next time we can all get together again! now I have to figure out how to do that signature thing for my posts!!

Franky Mize:pat

Is good to hear from you. Some of the most courageous people I know are cancer survivors. Here is :beer to you!!!!!!!


It is a shame that no road trip is planned for this year. ...:( :cry

Lets invade someone and have a BBQ...(I don't mean the middle east either)....:L
Welcome back Franky. I hope all is well with you.


Glad to hear from you, and really glad you're beating cancer.

Gerry- You guys are welcome to invade Florida this year, I'll put up as many as I can. Can do the BBQ, don't know how well my neighbors would take being over run with Sharks :D
Hey Franky good to see ya back posting, say hi to your lovely wife Michele (sp) and that ah um Red 84L 1981;)

Hi to everyone :w

Geeee I feel like a proud father here :D

Hey Fellers!!

Still here!!! The women folk been keepin me pretty busy lately!!!
No, seriously, been real busy with the company, don't barely have time to breath. We are gearing up to go into 15 new states and it has been a logistical nightmare. Good help is hard to come by.

Haven't even set foot inside the vette since before christmas. Brooke started it and let it warm up the other day for me so I guess its still in one piece.

Jeff, thought you were coming to Memphis oh, about a month ago!!! Call me.

and Hi all!!!

Yoda, need a denium shirt are you taking pay-pal now? e-mail me...

See you later

Hi Trent,

Nice to hear from you. You need to take a break and excercise that Corvette a little.

Well its about time, Trent...how are both of your lovely ladies?? The baby getting into everything???...:L

Get yourself a top logistics person from DAF...they know about $2k toilet seats....:eek..no seriously...:eek: they can do it...:L

Nice to hear from you!

I was in Memphis again Monday. I called the cell and got the same message. I will call the house next time. Say Hi to the girls. I did make it to Platinum though.

Woodward? Going to Motown? Taking the red beast? I may meet you up there.

We plan on coming to the left coast in the fall. Catch a Stanford game and watch my Nephew. We'll try and hook up with you and Bud.

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