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Where can I find some leather dressing/cleaner...



stuff that smells like leather? My seats are in good condition, but I would like to have that leather smell in my car again.

Any suggestions?
zaino has some leather treatment that makes the car smell great...and the leather very soft. I'm sure there are others out there, but Zaino's my choice
I highly recommend Lexol brand of leather care products which you can usually find at most major auto parts supply chain stores.
i use lexol,cleaner then followed up with lexol condtioner.a great product. and you will get that leather smell back too.
This is the only product that I use on my leather :
The rejuvinator oil followed by prestine clean. Real good stuff.
FrankUrbinati said:
This is the only product that I use on my leather :
The rejuvinator oil followed by prestine clean. Real good stuff.

Post a review of this product in the Reviews section. :) :)
If your seats are OE, then you should save your money. OE leather used in cars is coated in plastic (I believe it has something to do with flame retardants and stain resistance). My friend is a custom upholsterer (who until he died a couple of months ago did extensive work for Recaro, Lexus, Honda and BMW on all of their show cars) and he told me that if I wanted that smell and feel that I would have to change the leather out completely in my C4 and my Viper. Even the American cars that come with Connally leather options are coated (which is why that leather smell is missing).

All of those years that I used Lyxol was a complete waste of money....:cry

If you have a pre-70's car go ahead and use the leather conditioners. Plain hand soap (like Ivory) and water was the best cleaner for untreated chambrae leathers (a fine glove leather) as long as you wiped the soap clean and left no residual. Don't used sadde soap unless you want to strip the leather of most of it's natural oils. It should only be used when you have a very bad stain and you've exhausted the milder cleaners... or if you have a saddle.:crazy

Brad, Go to the link posted above and just read it. It is a fantastic product. Try to trust me on that.
Rob, Where is the review's section ?
OOP'S . Thank's Rob. It's been a long day.

I think it may have been longer than you think. LOL :L

Go back to the Reviews page. Click on Browse By Vendor. Click on Leatherique Products. Click on the View all products from this vendor.

Click on the appropriate product and then "Add Review". :)

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