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Where is the best place to get oil filters?


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Right now, I've got the black AC Delco #PF 970C
I'd like to change the oil soon and was wondering if there is an easier way of getting them rather than ordering through Mid-America


Here is a personal suggestion. Spend the $10 and get a Mobil 1 Oil filter. They're pricey but in my opinion, offer superior filtering capacity in comparison to other filters on the market. There was an excellent in-depth article on oil filter comparisons in the second to last issue of the King of the Hill magainze published by the LT5 Registry
Rob, I've been looking for the Mobil 1 filters actually, but I can't find them down here. I went up North a few months ago and saw them in one of the discount auto chains.
Who has them?

Pep Boys and VIP AutoParts. If you can't find one, let me know. I have an extra kicking around and just replaced the oil and filter on mine. :)
Well, it looks like I'll have to order a few of these from the online Mobil store. I went everywhere and nobody carries them:( ..........even Pep Boys, Rob. I even stopped by a Mobil 1 service station and they didn't even have one. Oh well........

BTW, do you guys know the part # on the filter? I didn't see LT-5 specific filters on their site.
Also............Walmart has the big 5 quart sythetic 10W-30 jugs for $17

Fram has a new filter out with anti drain back valve. It is in a round can and with a XG3985 number. I bought 2 at pep boys and yes you can see the ADV when you trun the filter over, I quote 'Long-life Silicone anti-drain back valve'.
Mobile Oil Filters


K-Mart has the Mobile Oil Filters. Their price is $9.99.
Tyler, Welcome to the CAC.
Thanks for the info on the Fram Filters........

Al, ......K-Mart?:L
Definately K-Mart. Gotta go to K-Mart. K-Mart.......Judge Wapner at 4:30...........:L


when I was at bowling green at the Zr1 gathering I found these mobil filters at autozone. I like them better than both the NAPA gold and stock filters I've been using.

I have a 90 and startup chain rattle is pretty bad!!!

the m207 filter really helped.

thanks for the tip Rob!!!!

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