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Which C3?



First off let me say I've never seen a greater group of people. I can't tell you guys how much info you've pumped through my small brain. My 85 is such a sweeeeeetttt runner I never have a problem ( knock on wood). Thanks to all of you I am making some improvements, what the heck, K&N, chip. I'll get a picture posted when I get a chance. :cool

The issue now is I'm looking for a C3 preferably 75-82. it's for the wife so a solid year would work. She loves the curves (some people just can't appreciate the beauty of a C4. any suggestions.

Welcome to the CAC C4ever :D You're right. The folks here are very cool and very knowledgable:) Make yourself at home and be sure to check out the Portal here at the CAC.
That would be pretty cool.......a C3 and a C4:D
Good luck in your search

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center c4ever1!

:J You're right -- this is a great place and I certainly hope you enjoy the time you spend here with us! :upthumbs

Glad to see you like the fourth generation, we need more of 'em here; there's so-o-o many Sharks!! And they're "restless" too. :L
A 77 of course. Wonder why I like the 77s? Chuck :cool
Thanks guys. Kieth,Chuck, you read my mind. That rear window:s
I'm looking at a couple of collectors edition 82. Nice ride:cool But that rear window. Gotta have it. It's gonna come down to $$$$$
Oh! That's right ,the cars' not supposed to be for me.:L
I do like the flat pre 78. We travel light, so storage isn't an issue but I do like some of the refinements of the later versions. I got rid of all my 8 tracks! Too bad we can't all own one of each.:beer
Welcome to the CAC! Two Vettes are gonna look nice in your driveway, that's for sure. As for which shark to go for, fast back rear window (78-82) or finned back, it might hinge on how tall your wife is. When we went shopping, my wife (she's 5'5") sat in a 72 coupe with the flat rear window and the fins and couldn't see a thing behind or to the side - not a good thing at 60 mph. She's also been in an 82 and the blind spot is like any other car. We have a lot of women Shark drivers here that I'm sure will chime in once they see your post.

The 82 CE is a sweet car too, as you've already seen. Whichever one you decide on, let us Shark freaks know and we'll tell you what to look out for.

Happy hunting - it's always nice to see someone looking for a shark.
c4ever said:
... ... ..The issue now is I'm looking for a C3 preferably 75-82. it's for the wife so a solid year would work. She loves the curves (some people just can't appreciate the beauty of a C4. any suggestions.

You pose a question I asked myself about 4 years ago. I opted for the 1981 with a 4-speed. My reasons were many, but the bottom line, "It IS the last year of the true 4-speed Corvette and carburetor." I looked for almost 10 months and looked a 3 cars before finding Rare in Mich.

A '75 roadster would be nice to.. are you looking for an automatic or 4-speed? The hatchback on the CE is a really nice feature, as is the special treatment of the paint and interior. The CrossFire can be overwhelming for shade tree mech, as well as some "Pro's" . There are Registry's for several Sharks, Here is ours for the L81 Registry

Enjoy the hunt, and the ride getting there ;)

Thanks to all for the input. I,m looking at a 75,needs paint and rubber but a sound car and it's local. Stick or auto is not an issue, but I do miss those stick days(not in traffic).:mad
I'm also looking out west, Az and Cal. May be worth the trip. I'll keep y'all posted. If anyone knows some good sites, let me know:D
Check online at Collector Car Trader. They have a pretty nice search feature and will even email you any new adds fitting your needs. They currently have over 135,000 cars listed.

- Eric

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