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Which Shocks?



Since I am getting in the Vette Brakes composite rear spring, I figured I would upgrade shocks. What is the general take on shocks. I don't want the harsh ride of a Bilstein. However, I do want a gas over shock. Anyone with experience with KYB or Monroe? These are the two offered by Muskegon Brake. They said they had had real good response to a mono spring and the Monroe's. Pretty inexpensive too at $30 per pair. Thoughts?
I put a set of kybs on my mustang and liked them. They perform very well for the money. I will likely try a set on the vette soon as well.
Guldstrands recomends "Monroe formula gp shocks" for a car setup for GT(GT coil springs ect.).
Hope this helps..
While a lot of Guldstrand's advice is good, I beg to differ with the statements about Formula GPs. Keep in mind that Guldstrand was involved in part of the FGP development and had that role promoted by Monroe. Oh---Dick also made a bunch of money off Monroe for his company's work on the project.

In the mid-80s, I tested Monroe FGPs on two different vehicles, a C3 and an old Chevy Mailbu. In both cases I had shock failures at mileages I thought were too low. On the Malibu, I had two failures. I had hard rumors that within a few years after the introduction of the original Formula GP line in the mid-80s, Monroe cut costs and quality.

At this point in time, because of the quality issue, I wouldn't use an FGP on any car and, because even the original FGPs lacked adequate damping for composite springs, I'd certainly not use them at the rear of a C3 with a plastic rear spring.

There are two shock options for composite spring cars. Vette Brakes recommends the Carrera adjustable racing shock with its springs. I've used them and they work well.

Also, I have had great luck using Bilsteins with Sport Valving on the Big-Block from Hell project car with uses a 360 lb/in. VB composite rear spring. The Sport-valved Bilsteins are currently on the car.
Hehehe... Guldstrand did everything else on mine his way, except for the shocks; they're Bilsteins. ;)

_ken :w
By the way, I use bilsteins , not The Monroes, just quoted Guldstrands recomendations..Cheers.:drink
Receipt says...

Jinx.... I checked my old receipt from Vette Brakes. I got the KYB shocks with the 330lb monospring. It's a very nice set up.

........... Nut
KYB Shocks

I recently installed a complete set of KYB GR-2 gas shocks on my 78. Immediate improvement. Cost: $26 each. Amazing.

I have used KYB, Bilsteins, Monroe, Koni, Ohlins and Progressives over the years on cars, trucks and motorcycles. Usually the cost of KYB shocks is as high as Bilsteins, but they are an incredible bargin for the Vette. The KYB shocks come in two styles for the 78, the GR-2, which is the firmer model and a sensor-track model that provides a softer ride. The new GR-2 shocks are comfortable and steady plus they come with a lifetime replacement quarantee. How can you beat that?

As for Bilsteins, my kidneys and pocketbook hurt when I think of Bilsteins. I have never been able to enjoy the Bilstein ride, even on a multi-ton Suburban. Monroes are built by KYB. Ohlins are triple the price of any shock, Konis and Progressives are fine performers, but for the best handling shock and the best value shock, Made-in-Japan KYB's are hard to beat.

Roy in Portland, Oregon

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