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Who has Brembo's


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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
Trying to figure out why my rotors are so loose, I can move them around on the hats a good 1/4". I removed all the fasteners from the hat and re-tightened as hard as I could but there still moving around alot. Loud bangs everytime I go over a bump from the rotors slapping. Callaway had told me at one point that the hats and rotors lose there tolerance and need to be replaced. Rotors and pads look fine. Seems stupid that you have to replace everything when it's not even worn because the fasteners are too loose in that hats. anybody ever had this problem of the rotors moving around too much
I see no one has responded yet. Unfortunately, I don't have Brembo's so I can't say for sure. However, I agree that what Callaway told you seems to make no sense. Have you actually tried to contact Brembo for their recommendation?

Also, I'm pretty sure that Dave (callaway95) has the Brembo package on his SN450. Maybe he hasn't seen this topic yet.
OK I was bored. So here are some FAQ's from Brembo's website relative to the floating disk design that may speak to your problem.


Why use a two-piece "floating" disc assembly?

There are several reasons that a two-piece floating disc assembly is of benefit. First, by using an aluminum bell for the hub section of the disc saves a great deal of weight. Since this is both rotating and unsprung, it benefits the acceleration, braking, and handling of the vehicle. Secondly, it is better able to handle the large temperature changes that a brake disc experiences. During severe use, temperature variances become present in a one-piece disc and generally cause warping of the disc. This not only results in vibration of the vehicle, and pulsing of the brake pedal, but also pushes the pistons farther away from the disc. In a two-piece floating disc assembly, the iron disc heats up more uniformly, and the controlled float which is present allows for the differential expansion of the very hot brake disc, and the relatively cool aluminum bell. This allows the disc to be used under severe conditions without having a detrimental effect.

Some of the bushings in the two-piece disc assembly seem to be loose.

The two-piece disc assemblies utilize a floating disc. The mounting system of the disc is designed to allow a specific amount of float in both the radial and axial directions. The merits of this system have been discussed earlier. Brembo has engineered special springs that are used on every other fastener in order to slightly preload the assembly. This has been done to prevent excessive noise from the system during street use, while still maintaining the benefits of a floating disc. These springs can be seen when looking at the backside of the disc. The small screws on the backside of the disc are properly torqued during assembly and utilize thread lock compound to prevent loosening. They must not be tightened further.

Where can I receive answers to my technical questions?

If you navigate to the "FAQ" area, you can find a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have additional questions, feel free to contact our engineering team.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

For any questions you may e-mail us or call us at 1-800-325-3994.
Interesting as I removed one rotor this weekend and not one spring was there, it does move and after another call to callaway there saying the rotors are shot. They say they only last three years and I'm assuming that they have been on longer than that. I called another dealer that sells Brembo and they won't touch it as they say they don't really know what Callaway does with them. That reminds me I need to put loc-tight on the fasteners before I lose them all. I call Callaway back tomorrow and mention the springs to see what they say. they want me to bring the car down but can't look at it until sometime in April
did you notice if yours has springs on every other fastener, mine does not have any
Phil DeJohn said:
I have no springs.

Interesting, must be different ones for Vettes than what 90callaway found out. I have to call them tomorrow. Found out today that Brembo no longer makes brake pads either from the vette brakes, now something else I have to hunt for:mad
...just saw the post and email....

I have Brembo's (on the car for about 3 or 4 years), although I have not had any problems with them at all. I take the wheels off 2 or 3 times a year for cleaning and I always check the calipers and rotors. Everything is tight; no looseness whatsoever.

guess I'll have to suck it up and spend the $1600.00 then..damm..
supernatural400 said:
guess I'll have to suck it up and spend the $1600.00 then..damm..

Before you do that, have you talked to Brembo yet? You seem to keep gravitating toward Callaway. I would not use them as resource for Brembo brakes regardless of whether they installed them.
I have called Brembo, problem is the hats are custom from Callaway and they machine them themselves and they will not give out the Brembo part number for the rotors. when I called Brembo I asked them about rotors and told them I have the Indy setup from Callaway and they tell me I need to go through them for replacements. one problem is the cost of the rotors is around 350 a peice which is what Callaway is charging anyway, it's the hats that are the money.
I see. Leave it to Callaway to come up with a way to make them proprietary. :( I always feel like this when I deal with them. :hb
What's gets me is that you have to wait months to go to them for service, yet they won't give you the part numbers to get replacements yourself
Phil DeJohn said:
Try the local Porsch dealer.

I called a brembo dealer and he said porsch and ferrari both use Brembo monobloc calipers. Aslo found out today that Callaway is no longer going to sell Brembo as they can't find a distributor that has the brake pads..nice...I guess that leaves us people who spend 5 grand for it out to dry...they did tell me thay could get them custom made but they had to order 100 sets. I can get the 20mm pads but not the 16mm, so I try and find a machine shop that can grind them down. A Brembo dealer also said he knows of a shop out in California that if I send them all the pads will re-pad them and ship them back to me
SurfnSun said:
bite the bullet and switch to Baer or Wilwood.

If I have to do that, and waste a few grand. I'll dump the Callaway and get a ZR-1, at least parts can be found
I almost upgraded to these brakes last year. I'm really glad I went with Baer now.

I'm going to exercise restraint and not do any more Callaway Cars bashing. :bash :( :r :bang

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