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LT4 Who here uses the LT4 Hot Cam?

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Nathan Plemons

Hey guys, I'm new to this particular forum so I don't know really what kinds of mods you have. How many people use the LT4 Hot Cam, and what are your dyno numbers.

Oh, if your dyno numbers are above mine I would like a full list of mods ;)

Currently I dyno 336 horsepower on a hot cam with headers, no heads as of yet. Heads are my next investment.
LT4 hot cam

I just purchased @ installed kit in a 91 L98. The adjusting nuts were too short @ had to order custom length pushrods .100 shorter7.100 insted of stock 7.200. Other than the extra $200 or so that was supposed to be a direct kit with no modifications I guess its ok. :( Was going to crank this weekend but Summitt send pushrods to wrong addrress. The luck! Maybe next week.
hot cam

i put the gm hot cam kit in a 95 LT1,i used the gm 1.6 roller rockers and timing chain. i dont have dyno numbers but it woke that car rite up. it pulled strong to 7200.rpms thats with headers and no cats. also changed the ecm
nathan....was looking into doing the same to my 95...but was told by some on here that there are several mods that needed to be made to the engine...couldn't just throw teh hot cam in and go. But, you make it sound like you can...am i misreading you? How long does it take the average schmoe to put the cam in...what do you think it'd run to have a shop put it in? Thanks....WOB
I have no idea how much it would charge for a shop to do it, but it's doable by anybody.

The hard part is getting the timing cover off because of the crank hub, it's difficult but not impossible to remove. After you get it off it's straight forward. The Hot Cam kit should come with everything you need. I didn't buy the kit, but I bought all the required parts. The Hot Cam works very well with 1.6RR's, which come in the kit. All you really need is the cam, rockers, and new springs that can handle the added lift. You have to remove the lifters so they don't fall into the oil pan when you pull the cam, so I just replaced my lifters, pushrods, and guide plates while I was into it. I didn't need to, but I figured I would while I was into it.

There is absolutely no reason why the Hot Cam wouldn't work in your car. At the time I did mine I didn't know how to do it, but a friend did. It took us 2 weeks. Knowing what I know now I could do it in under a week.
hot cam

i put that LT1 into a 63 grand sport i built, so the the car was light and had to cats and open side pipes. i turn 7000 all the time , i dont baby my cars. to install i used the gm cam kit , the kit contains rockers retainers and you should use a double timing chain. you will need to have your ecm flashed if the car is 94 or newer if it is older you can just change the prom there are companys all over , look in any hot rod mag. the rest is no different than any cam change. talk to a gm performance dealer they can tell you all you need to know. all i can say is this combo. worked great for me.
I've just heard mixed results of turning over 6400 on a stock bottom end. Some people have done so with success, other have had the rod caps stretch. I drive my car hard, but I'll play it safe. I don't really think I would gain that much by turning it that much faster.

Some day when I build a stroker, I'll build it for 7k rpms :)
Hot cam

If the hot cam falls off at 6,000 should work very good with tuned port with big mouth intake,runners, plenum,52mm throttle body.

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