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Will trade a true dual exhuast system for...


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May 13, 2002
hot rod 1979 white shark
Im located in Mass ,so delivery is not possible,its all one piece,with muffler elimiators, it very loud ,I need a set of mufflers to trade for this system, Mass inspection is forcing me to get rid of it , so people please let me know
Just lookin' for posts with no replies...

I'll bump it back to the top in case you haven't traded/sold the exhaust system yet. ;)
Exhaust system is off the car , its free if someone wants it, Also have free system from a 87
What Year corvette besides the 87 is the exhaust for?
the exhaust will fit a 84 to 91
I am going to get my stock mufflers cut off in the morning 2/26/08 off a 91.

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