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Just talked to hubby thru the RV window, he's working on fixing my pass. window today, and I wanted to know if he had any questions I could post.
He says the entire mechanism needs to be replaced, it is wore out.
I have the toll-free number for Ecklers...could someone post the toll-free numbers for:
Mid America
Corvette Central
and any other favorites you have?
All of my catalogs are in storage. I will be putting these numbers into our address book, thanks.
Mid America 1-800-500-vett Zip 1-800-962-9632 Corvette Central 1-800-345-4122

Before I give you the numbers let me ask you this, do your windows go down really fast but go up slower? If so you probably just need to replace the coil spring. If this isn't the case and the whole thing needs to be replaced here is a list of some vendors I have. You may also want to consider replacing the rubber strips where the windows go down into the doors to keep the water out, fairly easy fix. http://www.sharkwerkes.com/sharktank/vendors/vendors.html

Here's some 800 numbers for you too.

Ecklers 800-327-4868
Paragon 800-882-4688
Corvette Central 800-345-4122
Corvette Pacifica 800-488-7671
Willcox 800-588-3883
Van Steel 800-418-5397
Also see some of the CAC sponsors sites.

A bit more info for you, I have used all these vendors and I like some better than others but C-Central has just moved to a new facility and there have been some issues with inventory and customer service. I'm not going to trash them, but I certainly won't order from them, it took them 14 days to ship me a washer pump which I thought was going to be a good GM part...what I got was an off the rack item I could have gotten from any auto parts store, they also have a bad habit of informing you of the correctness of "in stock" items in my opinion.

You could also give Art at Van Steel a call, he'll give you a discount over some of the other catalogs even though he mostly deals in rebuilding rear end components...tell him I said to call if you use him.

I couldn't get to the ZIP and MAD web site for some reason, sorry. If I was still home I could give you just about every catalog number there is....yes, I'm a shop around cheapskate ;)
catalog numbers

Thanks for the numbers, and nothing wrong with shopping around!
My windows used to roll rapidly up and down, then only down with slower up speeds.
Now they roll down and up slowly, making some awful noises during the process. The pass window was falling into the door...hubby found the leveling guide was undone. Pass window still does not roll up all the way, and if I want it down I need to use my hand to guide it down until it 'catches', then assist it up, also. The teeth appear fine, and the motors sound good, too.
Had a problem yesterday with the driver door not closing! It would not catch, and pulling the handle did nothing, it seemed something had come undone...I got hubby, and he said that was exactly the problem. My hero fixed it, and also improved the outer handle so I do not have to use two hands to open the door! Everytime he has to fix something on my car that the paint shop was supposed to fix...his blood pressure goes up, and I don't blame him. :-/ I'll be taking the 78 to paint shops tomorrow for estimates I can send to my WA lawyer and await his advice.
Looks like I'll be attending the Rendezvous, and I'd like your first-hand opinions of the paint job, as I don't think it will be repaired by then.

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