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Window rattle



My window glass (I guess) rattles when I shut the door. I think that it is probably just those rubber bumpers inside the door that need adjusting or replacement. Anyone have any other suggestions as to a remedy to the rattle. I want to get rid of the rattle completely, even if I have to use a NON GM method.
Theres nothing worse than pulling up in a crowd and closing the door when everyone turns around to see if your door fell off on the pavement. ( Really it's not that bad, I just have a thing about rattles).
Thanks Roy
I hear you (sorry poor choice of words :) ).
****es me off as well.
Hear (intentional :) ) is what I did.
First I did the obvious; replace the window(the windsheild wiper blade type strips on the top of the door) weather strips and bumbers. I used tiny screws rather than staples to attach the new ones, worked great.
Next I put extra rubber doughnuts on all the rods inside the door to put a little tension on them and to keep them from rattling.
Lastly, and hear (the joke is getting tired) is the "trick" part, I took some "large bubble" bubble wrap and put it in the inside bottom of the door. This does two things.
1) It makes it quieter inside the cabin (nicely mellows the sidepipes).
2) When you roll down the window it compresses the bubble wrap a little and TOTALLY eliminates vibration while driving or closing the door.

While you are in there POR-15 the bottom of the door in case the bubble wrap traps any moisture.
redmist is correct.
Replacing the window wiper blade style seals inner and outer are a must to restore the windows riggidity.
They act as the second lever to keep them tight.
It worked great on my 68 BB convertible and adjusting the windows to the wheatherstipping is rather easy with a tight window.
It is some work, the door panel has to come off and the adjustment procedure is a bit tricky, but once you worked the idea of it out, it works fine.
Good luck.
With my luck, everytime I would roll down the window one of the air pockets on the bubble wrap would pop. Now that would draw some attention. People would start hitting the ground thinking a gun was going off :r

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