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Windsheild Washers Plugged?


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Jul 18, 2001
Durham, NC
2002 Flat Black Z06
Hey folks,
On my92 I'm having problems with the wiper/washer. When I twist the know to get the thing to spray my windsheild that;s not what I'm getting... I get a dribble of fluid on the bottom half of the wiper. Doesn't do much other than smear the window up. Is this clogged or a weak pump? How do you go about unclogging these things?
My 86 had some kind of gook in the pump strainer, looked like dried out soap. I took it all apart and cleaned it, by removing the tank, inserting a socket and removing the strainer nut. I thought the pump was bad or I probably would have just made something to get into the tank and wash it out. I think some 3\8" copper tubing, smashed down to a small nozzle with a hammer on the end of a garden hose would work, maybe the car wash, or just be creative. I have back washed the nozzles before by removing the washer hose before the check valve (if fitted) and blowing them out with water.

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