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Windshield post trim removal



Does anyone know how to take the inner trim piece off . I'd like to run a wire under it and across to the center of the windshield for a detector . I want it to turn on and off with the key .
HI there,
As you are looking at the trim panel, hold at the top edge, and pull toward the shifter. It will pop loose with some force.
Then to reinstall, please install the lower edge at the upper instrument panel to windshield gap, with the top edge in toward the shifter, and pivot into position.
Let us know how you make out, c4c5:hb
Thanks c4c5 Ill let you know in a couple days .
There are clips holding it in place. Be careful when you pull it off not to damage the clips. Otherwise it will be loose and you may hear squeaking. Good luck.
Thanks guys I did the job today . The trim came off just as you said . I didn't break any clips either but the bottom one would be easy to crack off . Mighty nice of Chevy to provide accessory wires down by the fusebox . Overall a clean installation !

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