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Winter ride?



Am I crazy to think that with a good set of snow tires and a little driving skill a shark would be up to the demands of winter driving?
I live in utah and the winter here is snowy and cold and i "would not" try taking my vette out even if i had snow tires, it's too light and it would be very dangerous... i love my vette too much to try that type os suiscide................
snow Vette

I had a friend that drove his '64 year round in all weather as his only car for 150,000 miles in northern IN. It saw snow tires but eventually a good set of 75 series radials became the tire of choice. My '67 coupe was also a daily driver and saw it's fair share of snow. Of course this was before they were so valuable.


Here's a picture of the '67 with optional rocker panel mounted snow melters. http://www.corvetteforum.net/bss/59ttom/index5.shtml
I drove mine

I use to drive my 80 in the snow. I didn't like doing it to the ole girl, but if I needed/wanted to go somewhere in the vette off I would go. It drove pretty good I thought. As far as being too light, It's gotta wiegh more then most Japanese cars:r and who would not drive one of them in the snow.........Steve

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