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Winter Storage

Bo Dillingham

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Jun 23, 2001
Cortland, NY, 13045, USA
1965 crimson pearl (2002 cadillac?)
For those of you in the northern climates who are new to storing classic cars in the winter; don't forget to put a tray of D-Con and/or some mothballs in your car.
Mice, squirrels and rats like Corvette interiors too!

Happy Holidays,

Phew :Roll thats stinky stuff.

I soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and put them everywhere. Yes it's worked for decades and not to mention when I retrieve my vettes in May they smell damn good..LOL

Thank you for the tip. The main reason that I posted this in the first place is that I had put my car away for the winter, thinking that I had covered all the bases, when a friend asked me if I remembered to put mothballs in the glove box.
In fact, I had neglected the varmint issue completely. I just thought that I should pass it on in case someone else forgot.
Again, thanks. I will try the oil!
I put the soaked cotton puffs under the hood, under the seats, one towards the back of the car and also up under the dash. I also smear 5w oil on my chrome exhaust tips so they don't corode or pit. And of course stabilizer in a full tank, discon battery. I consider (winter storage for me thats Nov 7th-May 7th) short term.

Here is what I did to my 383 when I stored it long term (13 years) I back off all the rocker arms 5 turns to relax the valve springs, I took out all the spark plugs and put Castro GTX 10-30 in the spark plug holes (2oz's each hole) then cranked the engine over with NO spark plugs in as you could hydrolock the engine if you did. This insures through coating of the valves and cylinder walls. After you can put the plugs in. I removed all the gas from the carburator and the gas tank. I sprayed all metal surfaces under the hood with WD40. Fresh anti freeze and I removed the battery, used the peppermint oil and jacked the car.
(new plugs etc..... when it comes home)

This is the way I pickle an engine that will last for decades.

If anyone is interested in what new has to be done and replaced when the car comes home after extensive hybernation I will post it otherwise I won't waste my time.

I don't think it would be a waste of time. It would probably be good information beneficial to all. :)
Long Term

I agree with Rob; it would certainly not be a waste of time. My present storage plans are short term, but I would copy and store your long term information for future developments.

I will get on putting together what I would do for long term storage (in steps and detail) and the same for when you take it home. It will be a day or 2 as you know the xmas thing is squeezing me.

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