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Wiper Arm Adjustment


Roy M

It seems that my wipers have too much travel in them. At full stroke, the wipers are hitting the chrome on the outside of the windshield. Is there any type of adjustment other than bending the arms?

I beleive you need to take the arm off and re-install it turning it just a very little towards the hood.
They make a special tool to remove the arm so you don't hurt any thing.

Hope this helped
YEP, it can be adjusted.

Open the hood and look at the linkage between the wiper motor and the dash right where the arm comes out of the wiper motor. You will see that each long wiper transmission arm has a pair of studs and nuts facing upward. This is where you adjust. First soak them in penetrating oil and let them sit. You don't want to wring off these studs.

Now, turn the wipers on and let them go full sweep to the top of the strok and turn the key off when they hit the bad spot. Reach in with either a 10MM or 3/8" socket and loosen the nuts a tad, then wiggle the arm until you see the wiper blade where you want it. Tighten it back up and turn the power back on.

If you over do it, the wiper transmission arm could bind up, so just watch what is happening. However, you will be surprised how a tiny amount of adjustment down there will make a big difference how they sweep the glass.

Hope this helps.
The other thing to watch for is that once adjusted they cant hit together on the upstroke or down stroke. If you adj one you may need to adj the other to keep this from happening. If all else fails the S shape bracket coming off the wiper motor can be bent to increase the two bends in the bracket itself. ( last resort).
Adjusting the linkage as mentioned above is the correct way to control the travel of the arms. Not very hard to do if you move in small increments at a time.
Just got the wipers adjusted a few minutes ago. Did exactly like 69myway's description and they work great.
Thanks for all the help.
A funny

I did that... on a SUNNY DAY, slow speed, garden hose on trickle.

The first time it rained (cat's & dogs of course)
I switched to HIGH.. and it was pouring
and WHUMP the two arms hit, intermittantly based on the amount of rain they were moving on the downstroke.

It scared the S**T out of me


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