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Wipers Getting Stuck on Top of Each Other!

C3Vette Lady

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Jan 23, 2001
San Jose, California
1981 Red Coupe, 1973 Big BlockStingray
Twice in the last week, in the rain, my windshield wiper blades have gotten stuck on each other in the middle of my windshield! Has this happened to anyone else? I am thinking I should have replaced the rubber blade and not the whole wiper, but it is too late now. Any suggestions???


Hi Lanelle,
They need to be adjusted.
You should be able to get away with adjusting only one side...
Turn on your wipers, and turn off the key when they are close to where they stick...so they stop on your windshield. Then remove one wiper arm and reposition it to where it looks like they won't come into contact with each other.
This may take a few tries before you get it where you want it. Best of luck.
Wiper Problem

Thanks Silver!
If it ever stops raining, I'll go out and try to adjust one side. AThey were wiping fine, then all of a sudden they got stuck--on 2 different days! It was pretty funny when it happened. Things like this tend to happen to me....

As the song goes, "Born under a bad sign...if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all."
what year is your C-3....my 63 has had the same problem for 20 years...i just don't drive it in the rain
Klutzy Wipers

Mine is an '81. I recently replaced the metal part of the blade and probably should have just replaced the rubber part. Twenty years is a long time not to drive in the rain! LOL! Have you tried adjusting them like Silver suggested?

Spastic Wipers

Just checked to see where you live and discovered you live close to me! Guess we should count our blessings that we don't live in Seattle where it rains for days!

Lanelle do check to make sure the wiper blades are the same length as the old ones...
sure rained hard today tho..makes u wonder about seattle

Since I work in Palo Alto, I thought I would check in too.. RAIN......RAIN.......RAIN all Day Friday. :confused:
My 75 did this as well. If you don't have an AIM, Assembly Instruction Manual, I would get one. All of the Corvette places have them. There is a place in there that tells you exactly how to adjust.

If I remember correctly I even went from a 16 inch to a 15 inch blade. It was a couple of years ago so I can't remember if I did change the blades or just thought about it. :rolleyes:

My biggest problem with my wipers is that they hit the hood when I turn them on or off. I have to pop the hood then have the passenger reach out the window and shut that side for safety purporses.


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