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Wire Help "74


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Apr 2, 2001
'74 Yellow/Tan int '96 Black/Black int LT4
Help Please

Just yanked the center gauge console out of car to put stereo, new sound deadner, carpet and many other things in car. Does anyone have the schematic for the center consol, thought the chiltons manuel would have it, but no luck. have no idea what wires go to what gauges.

Wamp "74
I guess that's a lesson learned, eh? Always marked/tag wires when you disconnect. The only place I seen a wiring diagram was in the GM repair books from HELMs, I also picked up a nice large lamenated sheet at Carlisle for about $10. Chilton's and Hayne's are not very good to repair specific Corvettes. Get the HELMS set for your year.
Helm Inc. 14310 Hamilton Ave. Highland Park, Michigan 48203, 1-800-946-5800
plug ins

Ok the gauges have plugs to them.

This is what I gathered:

FUEL: Brown and pink. Is the brown on top post?

WATER: Green, Black, Pink. Is the Green on top post?

OIL: Pink and Blue. Is pink on right or left looking at posts from back?

BATTERY: Black/white and black. Black on bottom post?

******Someone help please, I dont need any books for one wire job, i learned my lesson.

If you really study it, you should be able to tell which one goes where based upon the bend in the wires and the plugs. You can always ohm out the wires to be for sure.

If I had a manual for your year model I would be happy to scan it up for you.

Keep at it, I am sure you will lick this soon.

I've scanned the wiring schematic for the entire car and will send it to your e-m address.
I have to send it in 6 separate e-m's bec ea scan had to be config.d lg enough for you to read (and it would probably have overloaded your mailbox).
If you need the A/C, pwr wind. or stereo let me know and I'll send them to you as well.
Good luck, Mark

I have the '74 manual with diagrams, but no scanner. Why don't you email me with your needs and I'll describe it out for you. As said earlier, the wires in their relaxed position will tell alot about where they should be. Specify if you need gage cluster, radio, etc... I'll let you know what color/gage wires are at that connector for that component. The connectors should only go on one way.
Tom73 has a site: http://1973-corvette.com/ that has the wiring for the 73. My bet is that the wiring for the 75 is not that much different excepting for the engine compartment. Darn emissions.

Also check Zip. I got one for my 73 which is laminated and is now tack nailed to the garage wall.

Good luck

Thanks all

Appreciate the help

Black 72 solved my wiring needs with a 75 wiring diagram, everything works..... I figured most of it out from bends in wire but hate putting dash in and out, over and over. Anyone know where the reducer for the coil is on a 1974? Got me an accel coil and it says to use stock reducer plus new reducer and I don't see one. Logic tells me to follow wires and I will find it but all I find is firewall.

Thanks Black 72 and all
Wamp '74

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