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Wire schematics


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Does anybody here have the capability of posting up the wiring schematic diagram/description for the 84-89 winshield wiper circuit?

Since those switches are mounted on the door panel instead of the column, I really think it won't be impossible to install that switch and duplicate that wiring into my 69. I have been looking at a column mount, but my column does not have any room in it for the switch. Plus I am rewiring the entire car from scratch, so nothing is out of the question at this time.

I've got schematics in the garage Chris, I scan them for ya later today, after I get some sleep. (It's 4:20 here.) ;)

_ken :w
Here ya go Chris, I hope it's what you needed...


_ken :w

This ain't working; I'll e-mail them as attachments. ;)
I think you need to be on my Junkyard Wars team.

This helps a bunch. I can print it out in color when I get home and take it on out to the shop.
Almost there


I have just about got this thing figured. Here is my problem now. I bought a new wiper switch from a 84-89 Vette but it has no labels or indications of which terminal is which. I either need to get a harness plug, or see if you have a picture in that manual, or a chart, or a description that will indicate the position and identity of the harness wires. I am thinking the A,B,C,D terminals are labeled that way on the harness as the switch says nothing.

So, does anybody have their door panel off where they can send a quick pic of the back side of that switch plugged in, or does the manual show a diagram including the harness plug that indicates which wire is which?

Thanks for your help.

BTW, if I can get the info above, I will just solder wire stubbs to the switch. If not, I will have to come across the harness end. That may be a little tricky.
Well Chris, I don't have a picture of the connector. I have a picture of the switch, but you already have that.

I found a diagram thoubh that may be of help. I'll include what I see, including the numbers, although I haven't a clue as to their meaning (the gauge perhaps?).

  • .8 BRN -- 96 --> F
  • .5 LT BLU -- 995 --> E
  • 1.0 GRA -- 91 --> D
  • 1.0 PPL -- 92 --> B
  • .35 GRA -- (H) --8 --> A

Hope that helps you. As I've said, I don't understand the numbers, and the "H" might mean hell for all I know. :L

_ken :w
Thanks Ken,

I just got back from a local Corvette repair shop. They hacked the harness out of one for me for $10.

Now, with that in hand and this schematic chart I am off and running.

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