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Woe is me!


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Nov 2, 2000
The Land of Enchantment
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Well the good news is that Portland has finally gotten some decent sun shine the last couple of days. That being the case I decided to bring Eye Candy out of storage for the week.

The bad news is that in the mornings when I start her up she makes an awful squeeling sound. It seems to be the clutch, cause when I let the clutch out it starts, but when I push the clutch all the way down the noise stops. Fortunatlly it dosent do this forever. It seems like once she heats up the noise goes away. And if I leave her for a couple of hours and come back, there is no noise. Only in the mornings.

Problem two: Being that it's such a beautiful day I decided to take a cruse. I came to a stiop light and when it turned green I gave her some gas. It was more than was strictly required by the situation, but not nearly enough to even bark the tires. About the same time I let the clutch out all the way the car lunged, and there was a loud "POP". At that same time the check engine light came on. I looked in the rear view mirror but didnt see a cloud of smoke, so that's good.

I imedately pulled over into a handy McDonalds parking lot and popped the hood. Everything looked good, no funny noises, all the guages where ok, right where they should be.

So I turned off the engine, waited a few seconds and then started it back up. She fired up right away, all the gauges where fine. The clutch felt fine, no whining or anything, but the check engine light was still on. On the way back home (it kind of cut my joy ride short:() Iwas kind of sacred to get in it, so I didnt push too hard. But what little I did, the throtle response seemed good, and the clutch worked fine. No new noises, everything was good.

Any ideas what happend?

I don't know much about the C4's but what you describe sounds like the "throwout bearing" may have collected a little rust during storage. If the clutch felt normal and the noise stopped when you engaged the clutch pedal.. My guess would be the bearing is dry..

As for the pop then the "Computer Code" I don't have a clue. But, as I recall you just did a brake job on eyecandy.. you might want to check to see everything is where it is suppose to be with the brakes..

Good luck
The whinning sounds like the throw out bearing had rusted up a little.

The backfire might be because of timing, you might check there first. Other than that, you do need the codes.

Good luck

The noise is only there when the clutch pedal is out all the way. When I push the pedal down and disengage the clutch the noise goes away. How would I check the throwout bearing?

The brakes should be fine, I really didnt do much of anythng to them, other priorities got in the way of that.

How do I check the codes, short of getting an OBDII reader?

Thanks for the advice.

Have the same clutch noise in my 00. Only happens after car has been sitting a few days and only when I let it under load the first time. Michael
Yup, it would make noise until you press the pedal. When you press down on the pedal you are putting pressure on the bearing, which takes up any play that might be there and stops the noise.
See if it still does it you might just have some rust in there, it may be gone now. I have an auto so I don't know if you have a two piece bell housing or not, if so you can take the cover plate off the bottom and take a look in there, if it is a one piece you are out of luck.
A 96 has the new computer so I think you need a code reader, I don't think you can jump the pins in the connector, but I could be wrong.
Good luck.

That "back fire" may very well have been from the opti spark. Pull the coil wire and clean it at both ends and clean the coil terminal.

Did you install the air foil yet? If so, make sure you got the air tub back up tight. You will know it is off if you here a loud hisssss with the hood up and engine running.

I am very happy with my scanner, and well worth the money. You can get OBDII basic ones for less than $200. That is all you need anyway. You will also need to go ahead and buy a G.M. service manual on the car. It is the bible for that machine and in conjunction with the scanner will make your life sooooooooo much easier. Plus, you will feel like a pro after you diagnose, look up, clear codes, and resolve any outstanding system errors.

Let us know what you find on the check light. One other thing, the OBDII is very sensitive. So, if you had a misfire on a bad coil wire, it would trigger a historical code. It may clear on its own after a certain number of restarts without the problem being detected.
Well, I put her back in storage this morning. Fortunatly when I started her up the squeeling noise was gone, so hopefully it was just a little rust on the throwout bearing, and the clutch seems as solid as ever. But I'll keep a close eye on it for the time being.

The check engine light went out too, and no further backfire's have occured. I did install the air foil, but I didnt notice any hissing noises when I popped the hood after the backfire. I'll check it out better next week when I get some time.

Any suggestions on a good OBDII reader?

twiget said:
.... ....Any suggestions on a good OBDII reader?

Jason check out this Thread


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