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Y'all need a PEP TALK or .... Upside the Head


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Oct 12, 2000
Amarillo, TX
1981 UL5
What's wrong with some of you folks ;shrug

YOUR Corvette Action Center, THIS PLACE, you frequent and particpate in is having it's 6th CruiseFest! AND we are Celebrating 10 YEARS of being an online Force in the Corvette World, and you just sit there and stare at a computer screen... get off your duff and get personally involved..

Here is a reminder of what is shaping up to be one of our best CruiseFest's yet.. and for cry out loud... it's FREE thanks to our Host this year Mid America Motor Works (MAM)! YOU just need to buy your own gas to get there, sleep in your car if you don't want to spend the $$ for a Motel... just do it!!! Get your Corvette to Effingham, IL June 11th ~ 13th or get there on the 10th and relax and meet & greet the early birds and most of the attending CAC staff..

Incase you haven't seen this before :eyerole :duh here is a condensed version:
Paul Koerner (aka ~c4c5specialist)
C3 C4 ~ General Maintenance & Repair
C5 C6 ~Troubleshooting & Performance Improvements

Performance Choice

American Car Craft
Stainless steel accessories, interior, exterior, and underhood (FREE Installation)

Mid America Motor Works
Corvette Detailing
C1 ~ C3 Suspensions

Tours / Events​
Cameo Winery & Covered Bridge Cruise (not a ship Cruise)
Corvette Hall of Fame Cruise (not a ship Cruise)
MAM facility tour
MAM Auto Collection tour
Peoples Choice Corvette Show
Exhaust Sound OFF (depends on if there is enough interest)
Burn Outs (depends on if there is enough interest)
Autocross (depends on if there is enough interest)
Recognition of the “Original CAC” Bowling Green Team
Poolside informal gathering
BLENDER WAR! (every night :dance )
Evening BBQ (FREE ~ not exactly MAM is ponying up for it :thumbs
Banquet (FREE ~ not exactly MAM is covering the tab :thumbs

REGISTRATION ~ FREE Mid America Motor Works has graciously waived all necessary fees and is covering expense’s normally associated with CAC Hosting our Annual CRUISEFEST!!

So even the Most FRUGAL Member should be able to afford to attend.

You come here and enjoy the community, why not come to Effingham, IL Mid America Motor Works and meet the folks you’ve come to know through the Action Center and have some fun while meeting some great folks.

It’s time you came to one of our Events and show support for the Corvette Action Center. Instead of sitting in front of the computer and wishing you could attend, get off you butt and send in the REGISTRATION…IT’S FREE! It will do both of you some good … You and your Corvette :Steer

Ok OLD Yoda is done with the lecture for today ;) :chuckle

Bud & Nanc
We're coming from AMARILLO,

Thanks Bud it all needed to be said. You would think with a central location and all that MAM is doing we would have at least 100 cars there, the way its looks it will closer to 50. Sad, this event should be a lot larger........................Billy :eyerole:eyerole:eyerole:eyerole:eyerole:eyerole:eyerole
I certainly hope that members understand the effort being put forth by the administration and MAM for this event.

It would be a sad thing to waste all this effort for our benefit and not enjoy it.

Allthebest, c4c5
The closer this gets the more excited I am to get going. Money is tight all around but this event is an absolute bargain. It may be the only car hobby trip I make this year.I won't be able to bring the '81 since I'm in the middle of weatherstrip replacement but I'll be there.

I have to work. :mad Data center disaster recovery testing that weekend and it's required. I'd love to be able to drive the new GS out there. Three more years and I can deliver my retirement speech, "See ya!"


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