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    Cooling Fan Control

    Weird problem on a stock 2011 Z06 Carbon: The engine cooling fan comes on when A/C pressure climbs into the range found in the fan control chart in the tune file. And I can turn on / control the percentage of speed for the engine cooling fan with the bi-directional controls in my scanner. But...
  2. 059172Vette

    E40 Replacement?

    2005 Vette, 6spd, 110k miles. The original E40 failed at 6 years. The replacement E40 has now failed (also at 6years). Maybe it is just acoincidence. Maybe not. But clearly the E40 was a 1 to 2 year bridgeECM to the E38/E67 and may have not been GM’s best effort. Friends in the ECM repair...
  3. 059172Vette

    Show Winning Custom C4 Convertible

    Beautiful custom paint with ghost flames. Recently replaced Haartz Stayfast ConvertibleTop. Custom leather interior. Professionally installed GMPP LS3 with GM“Hot Cam” and TH700. $12,000. Car is located in Phoenix area. (850) 265-1271, ask for Wes...
  4. 059172Vette

    Bad RDCLM ??

    2005 6 speed coupe (VERY low VIN...it was a pilot car). When the car was about 4 years old it was stored for a weekend with the FOB about 3 feet away. That resulted in the first dead battery. For the next 3 years I ended up replacing a dead battery every year. There was a TSB against the...
  5. 059172Vette

    Help! Dead Battery

    2005 Base C6 w/ 6spd. Two weeks ago I installed my 5th (fifth) battery in this 5 year old car. :mad This new battery is a $180 4 year free replacement battery. Typical event: The car will sit for weeks with out a problem. Then one day I drive it and the next day the battery is dead. The...
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