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    2015 trunk light fuse

    Would someone please tell me where the fuse is located for the trunk light in a 2015 convertible. :w
  2. 67vet

    Corvettes away for winter

    I put the Corvettes away for the winter. Snow outside and 20 degrees. Garage heater set at 45 degrees. Used the snow blower yesterday. Roger
  3. 67vet

    Corvettes on Backyard Buddy

    This is the second Backyard Buddy lift that I have owned. When we moved from NC last May I sold the first one.:w Roger
  4. 67vet

    Z06 Callaway

    21 Nov 2015 my Z06 returned from Callaway this morning before the snow started coming down. Horsepower went from stock 650 HP to 757 HP. What a blast with the automatic. :w Roger
  5. 67vet

    Cars and Trucks - etc.

    This is my 2014 Mustang GT500 Shelby. :w 662 horsepower factory stock. Roger
  6. 67vet

    2015 Z06 White Convertible

    We bought the new Z06 last evening. After detailing, it should be ready after 1PM Friday. She is 8 speed automatic. Blue interior with power blue top. NAV, PDR Roger :w
  7. 67vet

    Night Race Blue Z06

    My buddies brand new Z06. Blue on Blue :w
  8. 67vet

    Teal Corvette

    Teal 2014 Corvette. :w
  9. 67vet

    4 car garage

    We have started the new 4 car garage. :w Yes, there is a house attached but enough about that.
  10. 67vet

    2015 Shark Grey Corvette

    I will pick up our 2015 Shark Grey Coupe Corvette on October 6. It is 3LT with Brownstone interior. Automatic. Chrome Wheels. Similar to these photos. :w
  11. 67vet

    Curb Rash

    A little too close. :ugh
  12. 67vet

    Chicken Joke

    Which side of a Chicken has the most Feathers? The out side. :w
  13. 67vet

    Car and Trucks to be enjoyed

    33 Ford Sedan Delivery :w
  14. 67vet

    C7 Convertible

    I saw three C7 Corvette Convertibles at the Dealer today. One outside and two inside. Yes they were open on Sunday afternoon. I was able to watch the top being put up and down. Push the button and it goes up or down and you don't have any handles or levers to latch. Very fast and very...
  15. 67vet

    Grand Sport best year to buy

    " I do not think the 2012 models really added anything, aside from being the last year of the C6." I hope he meant 2013. But even so - I think the 2013 427 Convertible is quite a big thing. :w
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