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    40th Anniversary Ruby Red Sport seats for sale

    I have a pair of driver and passenger Ruby Red Sport seats from my 60,000 mile '93 anniversary vette. I have replaced them with newer ones. I am looking to sale them. The bolster motors and lumbar do not work. The seats are in great shape but have the common rub marks on the drivers seat...
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    Question: Headlight noise

    Just have a question for anyone that can answer. I noticed when my 1993 is off and I turn the headlight switch to the parking lights and then back to off, it sounds as if the headlights are going through some type of cycle. It sounds like the lights are going up and the down but they never do...
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    Help! Plug hole?

    I don't have a pic for now, but I noticed underneath my 1993 that the rear storage box on the passenger side has a nice, appears to be, factory hole that most likely had a plug in it at some time. Anyone else aware of this and if so does anyone have one that I could purchase or know where to...
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    Question: Transmission swap

    I was hoping someone could help. I am interested in changing my automatic out with the ZF 6 sp. Is this feasible and if so is it worth it? What is all involved in the swap? I having been pricing some parts online. Thanks for all the help in advance. Brian
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    Would anyone with a Carfax account please check a VIN for me? Thanks, Brian
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    Would anyone that has a Carfax account please check a VIN for me? Thanks, Brian
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    Help! Hardtop brackets

    I am looking for the hardtop brackets for the C4 convertible hardtop. I found a perfect hardtop but the owner did not have the door post brackets. I have searched and searched for them online. Please help if you can. Thanks, BK
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    WTB: 1992-1993 Radio Bezel

    I am looking for a good condition radio bezel for a 1992 - 1993. Mine was scratched by the previous owner in several places. I really need the clips with it as well. Please help! pm me.
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    WTB:C4 Convertible Hardtop

    Even though no one replied, I have found one. I am looking to buy a C4 Convertible Hardtop. If anyone knows where to find one in good shape please let me know. I don't care what color just hopefully in nice shape. I have a 1993 Convertible. Thanks, BK usc95@sc.rr.com
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    Question: Spark plug change

    I have a 1993 LT-1 with 55,000 original miles. What do you all think about changing the spark plugs and if so what should I use? What is all involved in changing the plugs on an LT-1? Thanks for the help in advance. BK
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    Hello from South Carolina!

    I wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I own a 1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Convertible. I have always loved Corvettes and I am a true long term fan. I have included a picture of my Corvette. Look forward to learning and hopefully helping anyone on this forum. I am curious to how many...
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