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    Help! Parasitic Draw

    ;helpJust bought a new battery and when I connected the terminals they sparked bad... I was concerned so tested...1.6 to 2.4 amp draw!!!! any ideas ??? i know normal is .30 ma but didn't know if it was just initial till computer booted... please help!!!
  2. ARKvette02

    Headers and Pipe pics

    :happyanim::happyanim::happyanim:Yay!!!! Headers and Pipes are finally on!!! :happyanim::happyanim::happyanim:
  3. ARKvette02

    skip shift solenid

    I can not find the skip shift solenoid......are all automatics 6 speeds????? my trans looks nothing like the one in pictorial for CAGS?? any ideas??? Thanks for help:beer
  4. ARKvette02

    Raised White Letter Tires

    ****** I'm posting this for those who are "SERIOUS" about raised white letter tires on thier rides. ******** Raised white letter tires are impossible to find in newer tire sizes so if you're looking for that look here is another idea.... I searched online and read all the negatives on...
  5. ARKvette02

    Question: How long do you leave your C-5 without a battery tender??

    If I leave mine sit for more than two weeks, I'll have a weak Battery.....Is that Normal?? I went and bought a new Red Top and the same thing. Two weeks Max for me.. :confused:confused:confused
  6. ARKvette02

    Help! Active Handling bypass

    Active handling light is illuminated all the time, and button on console does not work to turn it off. Is there a reset, or a bypass to solve this issue without having to take it to Chevy;shrug?? Thx for input.:thumb
  7. ARKvette02

    Looking for Aux light cover

    I'm looking for a (smoked) light cover for a C5R aux light system. WWC has them in clear but not in smoke. Does anyone know if this product exists????;shrug;shrug;shrug and where I might look to find it. Thanks,
  8. ARKvette02

    Bill Gates C-5

    I wasn't sure if anyone has seen Bill Gates Vette,;)
  9. ARKvette02

    Help! What battery do you suggest???

    Hey C.A.C !! This question must have been asked a million times before, but I looked in search and could'nt find the answer. Does anyone recommend a specific brand of battery for the vette ??? I have Duralast now, the red top. I was looking at the gold top for its larger cranking amps. Ive...
  10. ARKvette02

    Question: What are you asking Santa to bring for your Corvette this Christmas??

    What would be the one thing you would love to have this Christmas for your vette?? (yes I said Christmas!!). I think I would ask for new LED tail lights. Whats on your wish list?? Merry Christmas CAC family!!!!:beer
  11. ARKvette02

    Question: To Wing or not to Wing??

    As you all know I value the opinion of the CAC. Please feel free to comment !! OK, at the Corvette show in Reading, Pa there were NO Corvettes with wings. Most people told me that they didnt like those wings on the back of the car -BUT- they also said that it didnt look bad on my car. I bought...
  12. ARKvette02

    Another one bites the dust

    Well, after looking for a gas station that doesnt sell Ethanol blended fuel I finally found one. The Chevron in town sells pure gasoline!!! YAY!! ..........Well they did, yesterday they switched to 10% blend:confused:confused:confused. I was told that everyone will be selling that crap soon...
  13. ARKvette02

    another remote doorlock question

    Hi, my remote doesnt hold the code long after its programmed. I changed the battery and relearned the code, it works for a minute then stops until I relearn it again ;shrug;shrug. Any advice would sure slow down my new growth of gray hair. Thanks. ;help
  14. ARKvette02

    Help! Turn signals

    ;help Occasionally my turn signals dont work on my C5. I noticed that if I press and depress the hazard switch they start working again. Does the turn signal circuit pass through the hazard switch??? Can it just be a dirty or a bad hazard switch causing my turn signal problems?????? Thanks...
  15. ARKvette02

    A Nickel a day !!!!

    I said it before, and I'll say it again.:BDH Where can you find this much knowledge and camaraderie about the one thing we all love for a little over a nickel a day??? :thumb I know personally this site has saved me $$$$$, alot more than the measly 5.4 cents a day. YES the site is free, but if...
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