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    WTB: 2008 polished forged Gumby wheels

    I need the two rear 2008 polished forged Gumby wheels in mint condition, size 19" x 10", RPO code is QG7. I may consider a full set, front and rear, if they are perfect. Please let me know.
  2. Blue Demon Owner

    Opinions?? - Flex vs. Cyclo Polishers

    Hi, all: I'm looking at orbital polishers. Flex and Cyclo are close in price, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either, or maybe even both. Please let me know. :confused Thanks, Rick Always Wave!! :w
  3. Blue Demon Owner

    Question: Optional Tire Sizes for 08 C6 Coupe?

    Are there any optional wider tire sizes that can be run on stock 2008 C6 Coupe rims (front: 18" x 8 1/2"; rear: 19" x 10") without clearance or other problems? Stock sizes are 245/40-18 front and 285/35-19 rear. Thank you! Rick :w Remember to always wave!
  4. Blue Demon Owner

    NPP Exhaust - How to Polish?

    Is the NPP dual-mode exhaust stainless steel or chrome, and is it clear coated? I'm asking so I can figure out the right metal polish to use on the tips. Thanks to all. Rick :confused
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