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    Carlisle corsa Prices

    I'm in the market for a Corsa system for my 2003 C5 and was wondering if pricing at Carlisle is worth waiting for or simply order from Maryland speed.
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    Is it simply time for a new set of injectors?

    The ohm out at 13 ohm when warm but the car has 125K. There seems to be some sluggishness in throttle response although ,this being my first Vette and the only C4 I've driven what do i know. When you romp down on it the car seems to say... Wait, are you sure you want to go that fast? Really...
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    Miss at idle and dies coming off highway.

    Hello Gentlemen, This forum has come thru for me many times and I am here asking for some help again. The vehicle I’m working on is a 1993 coupe automatic with 124K. I am unsure of the heritage before I bought it about 3 years ago. The problem is a miss at Idle but it’s very sporadic .I can...
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    E%ay clear bra

    Has anyone had any experience with the clear bras sold on E%ay for $24.00. I know you get what you pay for most tiomes. I bought the Cleartastic static film and have not installed it yet. The temperature has been to low and I am hesitant because i feel like it will just blow off. So I was...
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    Anyone heard of OBX RAcing Soprts?

    I saw this on the bay this morning and thought Id ask if anyone has bought their product?
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    AC problems

    First of all the system was converted last summer to r134a. Everything was flushed and cleaned out . All the hoses removed and flushed. New Variable out orifice put in and re-man compressor. Everything was working ok till the clutch went out 400 miles from home. This in turn caused a loss of the...
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    Question: New VATS key...

    OK, I bought a couple of new keys with the correct resistance chip in them to have spares cut before I loose my only set. I went to Advance to get them cut but instead of risking one of my VATS keys to check I had them cut a non VATS key to check and see if it would at least turn the lock...
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    TADA!! No more "hunting" headlight.

    Last week I ordered new headlight bushings from Zip! Well this afternoon I decided to see if I could get them installed. The drivers side motor would hunt for 5-6 seconds after the door closed, The instructions I tried following were not for my 93 so they kinda got me off track on the first one...
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    Where do the wires go?

    I stopped and looked at a 2003 coupe a few minutes ago and there is a cable with several wires hanging down and dragging the pavement under the car. The cable is under the drivers seat area and there looks like a wire hanger has come loose along the rocker panel area. The cable disappears into...
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    Which is easier to work on?

    As someone who hopes to move up to a C5 some day soon I have a question for those that have taken this step before me. Are C5's more difficult to work on and repair than C4's? I do as much of my own work as I possibly can and hate it when i have to let someone else under the hood. I have heard...
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    I am looking for Someone near Great Falls Montana

    I am emailing with a guy with a 97 Vette that I would like to have someone check out if anyone lives close. I'm thinking its a scam but am willing to email with the guy for a while to see.
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    Ok I need to see some rear ends....

    last weekend one of the other club guys says that i need to check my spare tire as it is hanging to low. I checked it its the compact spare with the jack inside. I bolted it back up and it still hangs below the car excessively. I can take the hanger loose and push the pan up which will get it...
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    Deal or no Deal.......

    2000 Coupe 82k 6 speed. He wants 14500.00 for it BUT It has a salvage title. He's had the car with said salvage title for 5 years and has had no problems.This car is his daily driver and it gets no special treatment and has no garage home. Also its a black car in BAD need of a paint job. He said...
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    Have C5 prices bottomed out yet?

    Specifically 01-02 Z06 model. Ive seen them around 22k and a couple on E bay go for 20K. Just wondering if there is still some more decline before the prices level off for a while.
  15. CROOZ1N

    Cheapest place to purchase Corsa?

    Cheapest place Ive found so far is 1193.10 from importautoparts.com Anyone have a better price that you know of?
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