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    1985 4+3 Overdrive: very specific problem

    I've owned my 85 4+3 since new. I know how it typically behaves. This Summer, I drove it 5,800 miles in 11 days in quest of a Sam Folz Award in NCRS. The car behaved fairly well considering it was driven further in two weeks than it had been in the previous 20 years. On the last day, the...
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    I'm having trouble with "EDIT"

    I'm an experienced V-Bulletin user. I see that "you MAY edit your posts is ON". I just tried to add some text to a post. I ended up with a duplicate post. I can't get to the normal screen where you can check the radio button, and delete the post. A: What am I doing wrong? I never see the...
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    85 Z51 Front Spring Replacement Selection / Rate

    I haven't been on here in awhile. Forgot how cool it is compared to other Corvette forums.... I need to replace the front spring in my 85. (Very original unmolested car, and has the award to verify it). It is breaking. My main concern is that the correct original ride height be retained. It is...
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    Hello from SoCal

    I'm new to CAC. Just found it yesterday. I've had my 85 since new. I've been campaining it in NCRS since 4/06. Recieved my McClellan this year in Boston. (Only originality deduction was for replacement battery). I like stock, original, un-molested stuff. But to each their own... Thanks for...
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