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    New to me 2018 C7 Convert Sting Ray ,WHAT DO I NEED

    Morning I just a acquired a 2018 Convertable Stingray Corvette, I am also at Corvettes of Carlisle today, Besides the Adams Detailing products what are the must have accessories I should be purchasing today or what vendors should I be going to today to see whats available for the C7. I had a...
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    Getting the band back together where is every one?

    So I dropped in to look thru some old post to see if I could find what kinda carburetor I had on my 1962 corvette. Every year I have troubles with the tri power carbs leaking or running bad and decided THATS IT off they come. (the car sat on the lift for 3 years or so untouched after my knee...
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    What did I do wrong ,tore up gear to a MSD distributor in 454 crate engine

    So My daughter says she wants to take the 62 to a car show On Sunday, So I figure I would take it out for its shake down run to clear out the cob webs. The car currently has about 3100 miles on it since I put it together a couple of year ago. The Motor is a 454 performance crate motor with a MSD...
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    rebuilding a 1966 427/425 Holley 3247 carb

    Hello every one and its been a Long time no speak, I had my 1966 427/425 out last year and while waiting on a line for a car show idling up to the entrance my car started to load up. Couple of snaps of the throttle it would clean up a bit but still stall and you could smell it was flooded. I...
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    C1 Ididit columns

    So over the last year I have been finishing up some odds and ends on my 62. when I built the car I installed the ididit column with the corvette wheel adapter and used a budnic wheel and an original horn button I never had the horn working with the horn button was there something else I...
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    Who from this forum will be at Carlilse next week

    Its been a while since I posted ,but as always we will be at Carlilse again this year. I will be in town on tuesday with the family doing the hershey park thing. (anybody want to meet up to go on the rides) then the cars show friday and saturday Who is definately going and where do you think...
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    Where can I get a proper paint formula for venitian red

    Well my unkle has decided to paint his new to him 57 venetian red. he is in the process of restoring his hard top and needs a good paint formula. It seams the color the shop had mixed doesnt look like the color he remebers or is exspecting. Some place or time I remember so post on this but I can...
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    Going to look at a 57 for my unkle

    Good morning every one, My unkle found a 57 he asked me to go look at with him. Just looking for any quick tips I may not know to look for on the car. The car has a power folding top on it Was that available thru out the entire year? Is there any clues to tell if if it came with the car or...
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    Been a while since I touched my 66 but had it out this week end

    I am still alive but life has been real busy for me lately , I kinda put the 66 on the back burner since i was playing with my 62. There was a show this weekend that I decided I was definately taking the 66 to I decided I was going to put the original TI system back in the car,( a freind...
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    2007 Caddy Esculade HP

    Well I just found out the new Escualde has a 6.2 engine with 405 hp What is going on in Gm that they allow a SUV to have a bigger and stronger motor then there flag ship sports car/Muscle car ? Vette is 6.0 and 400 hp
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    Fouled some plugs on the 62

    Been doing a kitchen renovation since January, been using the garage to stage some tools in for the kitchen, So the 62 spent the winter going in and out of the garage almost nightly Never allowed to warm up. Thursday night I go to pull it out and It just would not run correct, I figure a plug...
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    Just testing a new picture hosting site

    First size
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    Collector car insurance

    So I always say if you have a collector car and use it as a collector car it must have Ageed Value Coverage and if your Declaration page doesnt say Agreed Value then you not properley insured So Friday I get my collector car policy in the mail (the re-nual was the first of March a little...
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    Dont put your foot in the car till you remember how to drive it, Well I had to run to my shop today for a bit and decided to take the 62 So as I am leaving my shop , a shark goes sailing by my shop and I decide I am going to chase it, I square it up on the road,get it rolling and put my foot...
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    Cross member dent remover

    Anybody use one of these yet ? I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and havent had the chance to try it out yet. Sure does seam like it will work
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