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    Trouble Codes for 1994-1996 C4s

    List of codes, 18 is the injector circuit 1994-1996: Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTC #11: Malfunction Indicator Lamp Circuit. DTC #13: Bank #1 Heated Oxygen Sensor #1 Circuit: DTC #14: Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit Voltage Low. DTC #15: Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit...
  2. jmccloud

    Anti-lock brakes

    Looking at a nice red '96 auto. One of the front anti-lock sensors had a broken lead (rubbed against the wheel) and had lit up the 'Anti-lock' light on the dash. Repaired the broken wire (solder + tape, not a replacement). Read good continuity with and ohmeter thru the sensor. Disconnected the...
  3. jmccloud

    Cooling System bleed

    I've located the bleed valve on the thermostat housing and the GM manual shows another just behind the housing and below the throttle body assembly -- but the second one isn't there! Was this eliminated for a '95? Or am I just going blind? Anyone know the location or whether it was un-necessary...
  4. jmccloud

    Whistleing noises

    My '95 coupe whitsles when the headlights are on (up) above about 30mph. My kids tell me it's the passenger side headlight. I see no difference in the two sides. Any ideas? Thanks
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    1995 coupe A/C comp. runs always

    My 1995 coupe a/c compressor runs all the time even though the heater/ac control is turned off or to heat. I've replaced the a/c relay behind the r/f tire. My interim solution is to unplug the compressor. Any ideas? Background info: I've had it about 10 months. Best car I've owned. The car has...
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