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    Help! 95 Coupe, bell housing trans fluid leak

    I'm looking for some experienced advice on this leak issue - hopeful a minor issue. C4 95 Coupe has 80K. I bought it 6 months ago and with no service records I had trans fluid and filter changed, as it looked pretty dirty. That was 6,000 miles ago and now it has just started a trans fluid leak...
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    95 Coupe rattles - cruise control

    :cool!:I know rattles, creaks, and growns are nothing new to the C4 forum. I've tracked down many of the sources, but the drivers side has it's challenges. The door panel has been off several times, and I plan to go back in with parts replacement and window adjustments in mind - armed with more...
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    News: Success ! 1995 coupe A/C, fans, OK - no heat

    Although I've had my 1st Corvette for less than 6 months, with average or above mechanical skills I know most areas of this 95 base coupe pretty well. Latest adventure was finding out it had very luke warm heat. From previous forums posts I checked for both heater hoses being hot. They were, but...
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    Helpful hint with ramps

    I may be the only one, but I find it real easy to undershoot or overshoot drive-on repair ramps without an observer. Through the years I've used a simple method. With a retractable tape measure I lock it to the length of the bottom of the tire to the center of the ramp top surface where I want...
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    Help! 1995 Base Coupe A/C diode replacement

    Maybe I should listen to the "Dutch Uncle" advice of don't fix it if it ain't broke. The A/C works fine. Anyway, I included the A/C diode, connector, and short wire harness unit on my order to Ecklers as a preventative measure. The ad said about 50% of these diodes are bad, and the $20 part is...
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