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    Opinions please! Where to start.

    Dear Experts; I have finally graduated and landed a great job - and in turn making more money. Which now mwans i want to spend it all on my baby ... no not the wife, the corvette! Here are all of my pictures : http://s206.photobucket.com/albums/bb193/kridgleyud/ My task now is ... where...
  2. kridgley

    Trans slips out of park

    Hello all, Bit of a problem ... When i shift my trans into park, I feel the car slowly roll forward like all automatic cars, except instead of stopping it clicks and keeps rolling. From my understanding, there is a parking gear, or paw that engages to keep the car still? What are the...
  3. kridgley

    chrome clone?

    hello all, quick question ... has anyone every made a 68-72 stingray clone out of a newer style 73-77? I know that the 'soft bumpers' are not teh most desireable out there so i was thinking and though someone somewhere had to have made a chrome bumper clone ... thoughts? Kev
  4. kridgley

    very high rpms, bad tach??

    hello all, I just had my trans rebuilt (turbo 400) and this was the first time driving it to work (mostly down I-95). I noticed the engine rpm to be very high for the speeds. I was reading almost 4000 at only 70mph. I have basically stock 75 with 3.08 gears i believe. Last summer I recall...
  5. kridgley

    exhaust set-up opinions

    hey all, I am finally registered/ insured/ and tagged as an antique auto in DE. This means I do not have another inspection!! I was going to re-do the exhaust on the car. I am most familiar with just putting on long tubes, 2.5 inch with H-pipe to some flowmaster 40's ... but i found this...
  6. kridgley

    77 dash in a 75

    Hello all, as winter is approaching I am lookin ahead to redoing th einterior of my 75 ... the worst part of the car. I did the seats and covers, now i want to do the dash, so it all matches and maybe a new color for the carpet ... but anyway - will a 77 dash fit into a 75? I found a good...
  7. kridgley

    rebuild - need advice

    hello all, I am finally getting around to pulling the basically stock 350 from my 75 and I am going to rebuild it, well ... my dad and I will. I am looking for advice as to what you all think I can do to pick up extra power in the rebuild. Already figuring on boring 30 over, this will...
  8. kridgley

    plastic to chrome????

    Hello all Been thinking, I have a 1975 corvette L-82 that needs body work - not worried about numbers matching or anything. I'm a big fan of the chrome bumpers of pre 73, any ideas or thoughts on fitting them to a 75? How well do the parts interchange? Maybe someone with both styles could be...
  9. kridgley

    Road Trip

    Hey all, Im from Delaware, but working in Maine for the summer until the University starts back up again. I REALLY miss the vette. My question to all of you, is how many of you take your vettes on long road trips? Im planning on returning to Maine at points throughout the year, I've made...
  10. kridgley

    ZZ4 or custom 383

    Hey all, I was looking into revamping the engine in my vette this coming winter - looking at funds and etc available now. Would it be cheaper to get the crate ZZ4 from GM and drop that into the vette, or get an old 350 from the yard and make a stroker out of it. Im shooting for the ballpark of...
  11. kridgley


    Hello all: With the summer comming up and and the vette's comming out, I wanted to get all of your inputs on the best methods of theft prevention. Yeah, I know there's a factory system, but mine's shot. Anyone have info on how to repair it, schematics maybe?? I was also considering an...
  12. kridgley

    BEFORE drag racing

    Hey everyone: Its spring break time and the weather's finally getting better outside. I was thinking about taking my vette to an open drag night at a local dragway (Cecil County). I've never raced the car - been too afraid I'm going to mess something up - besides, I dont think the times would...
  13. kridgley

    daily driver(able)?

    Hey all: I go to school at University of Delaware, bought my corvette just under a year ago, never gave me any bad problems. I live on campus, so it stays at home mostly, but I'm considering getting an apartment off campus. Question is, how many of you drive your C3's as daily drivers (not in...
  14. kridgley

    crap - did i mess something up?

    Hey guys, yet another problem ... I've had a clearance problem for the headlights for quite a while - just never got around to fixing it. Around the right headlight there is not enough room for it to come up at all the way, i thing i may need to flie and paint unless there is an adjustment...
  15. kridgley

    need theory help

    Hey all: Corvette's been running real nice - started thinking about more power, now that I am starting to have the money and time to do it. However I wanted to do this in stages, not everything at once to help out with money. I currently have an L82 with the TH-400 and 2.73 gears ... not very...
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