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    Electric pump conversion signal wire?

    1996 LT-4 There are a million ways to skin this cat, but what have you guys used to turn the water pump relay on? Id like to avoid fishing all the way into the dash. What is keyed hot under the hood and close the the battery? Just run a scotch lock? Wondering everyone's choices before I take...
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    Gen 2 LT-4 plug recommendations please!

    Going to be running 150 shot plate fogger, what plug do you Nitrous guys recommend? I would think 1 step colder should be fine? But there are several options and im new to this motor setup. Any help would be appreciated!
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    LT-4, motor and trans out, what now?

    LT-4, very low mileage, spun bearing WHY? Turns out my cyl. 1 noise was rod bearing. We pulled the motor and trans (cuz you have too). Car only has 57k miles, so its strange, but now im going to rebuild the motor and put a new clutch in while the trans is out. It has excellent oil pressure...
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    1996 LT4, going to build the engine, need opinions please!

    Ok, so unfortunately my 50k mile clean 96 LT-4 has what sounds like a wrist pin or piston skirt issue, so we are going to be pulling the motor. As far as im aware, this is the original all stock motor but we wont know for sure until tear down obviously. The plan is too make this a pretty...
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    Help! 1996 LT4 C7 rims

    So I just bought a set of C7 rims that I thought were C6 at the time. I have searched and searched and I cannot find anything definitive on what size spacers I need. A few people have said 1" front and 1.5" rear, but that applied to C6 and not C7. We tried to, "mock up" using washers but the...
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    Oosing blisters on LT4 doors!

    So I just bought a super clean 56k mile Polo green LT4 coupe. Shortly after I bought it I noticed a weird pattern of some type of substance streaking down the doors on both sides! I have removed both door panels to Dynamat and fix door panel cracks. The inside where the metal door reinforcement...
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