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    Intake man. gasket

    what is the best gasket(s) and the best sealant to use my intake manifold. thanks,,,mike
  2. mike82


    i would love to put a set of 15x10's on the rear. i don't want the wheel/tire to stick out too far beyond the fender so will a 4.50 in. backspace work without interference? what is the best tire width for a 10in. wheel? thanks in advance,,,,,,mike
  3. mike82

    Question: A.I.R. Pump

    does anyone know what the engine would run like if the pump is bad or going bad, any excesssive fumes? hesitation? thanks,,,,mike.
  4. mike82

    Question: Oil Level

    i've changed the oil on my '78. i know it's 4 qrts. for the crankcase and 1 qrt for the new filter, so i add 5 qrts but when i check the dipstick for level it reads about 3/4" above full. anybody have a guess why, 'cause i sure don't.......;shrug
  5. mike82

    Spark Plugs

    i installed a set of AC-Delco rapid fire plugs in my '78 L-82 about 6-7 months ago. i pulled two plugs today (that i could get to easily) and they both looked liked they had been sprayed with white paint. is this plug too hot for my engine or is something else causing this? thanks in...
  6. mike82

    Time to change.......

    the fuel pump on my '78 :ugh . do any of y'all have any tips or tricks to save time and a knuckle or two. from what i see, it looks like it's goin to be a PITA no matter what........thanks,,,mike.
  7. mike82

    Question: wheels

    Does anyone know if the original torq thrust(American Racing) wheels will fit on a later C3? i thought the brake caliper would interfere. if so, maybe a spacer could be used.
  8. mike82


    i recently installed true duals on my '78. since then the car hasn't run as good as usual. the motor hesitates under aggressive acceleration but not on WOT. since the exhaust is more free flowing and less back pressure, does the carb need to be readjusted? if so would only adjusting the...
  9. mike82

    Chambered Exhaust

    I have a '78 L-82 and i was thinkin of ordering the chambered dual exhaust from Mid-America. My questions, for those of you that have it,,,,,does the system bolt up pretty much like stock system? Do the pipes exit at the stock location? Does the system have the deep tone as advertised ? I...
  10. mike82

    engine surge, varying idle

    this weekend the q-jet was rebuilt. i also installed new plugs ,plug wires cap,rotor and ign. module. i fired up the motor yesterday and for the first couple of minutes it ran fine, but soon after the motor began to surge above idle then drop down below idle(approx. a couple hundred rpm above...
  11. mike82


    i know there have been many discussions about exhaust systems. i want to go with true duals and i'm leaning towards the aluminized chambered exhaust from Mid-America. i was wonderin' if anyone had this setup.....how's the sound?....better performance if any? thanks,,,,mike
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