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  • Hi Muddy,

    I was reading an old post where you talked about adding a ground to your 4+3 overdrive unit...
    Just guessing here but if I'm right maybe that's what I need! My OD light comes on but it won't shift. (But running cruise control with button on and light on, it seems like it slips into neutral whenever I start going down hill). Can you describe for me exactly where to do this ground and what wires I need to be using (seriously color blind but wife don't mind looking under car and saying Yep, that's red). Thanks!
    Hi Muddy, how are you? I put some preminum gas in the Vette and took it to 81 last night. Ran great. I also ran it tonight without any stalling. Do you think it could have been the fuel that was making it stall? That is not to say it will not stall tomorrow but so far so good

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