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    1986 ground locations

    Hi gang its been a while. Looking at an !986 for a friend . Does anyone have the ground locations for the coupe? Thanks
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    1988 clutch bleed

    Hi, Anyone have any insight as to how to bleed a clutch hydraulic system on an 88 Vette ? Not having any luck Thanks
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    EGR pipe gaskets

    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get the EGR pipe gaskets on an 88 Coupe? Thanks
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    !988 D/N 4+3 4spd

    Hi everyone it's been a while, My question..............What lubricant did the 88 4spd B/W Super T-10 trans. come with from the factory, it's too old for synthetics that leak. Local Chevy dealer did not find that info and neither can I..Any input will be app. Thanks
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    Question: No start

    Hi Guys it's been awhile, I replaced master/slave cylinder and hose on my 88 4+3, took great pains as usual, now I have a no start condition any ideas ? Thanks
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    1988 Question on code

    Hi, My question is, on my 88, pulled it out of hibernation , got a code 34, checked connections at maf/map, still get code, what puzzles me is that after it reaches operating temp. the SES lite is gone and doesn't come back until next cold start???? Any ideas???? I love this site, it takes the...
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    1999 Corvette Coupe

    1999 Corvette Coupe 10,300 miles 1999 Corvette Coupe Torch Red w/Black interior 6 speed, 2-tops,Dual sport seats, HUD, Active handling, Ride control,Side mouldings, Performance Axle, Memory package, Corsa exhaust that sounds great, only 10,300 pampered miles, never in rain or snow, always...
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    Hi all, A friend has a 76 coupe, his tachometer stays at the 12'oclock position when he shuts the car down and gives erratic readings when the car is revved , any ideas???:beer
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    Grand Sport ground clearance

    Which makes me wonder why anyone would lower a Corvette.....
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    Grand Sport What's everyone paying???

    Your my Hero too VetteBoy, 93 years old and you stiil sound youthful, could it be the Corvette??? God Bless ya VetteBoy:upthumbsYou are a man of much Wisdom..........
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    Okole Seat Covers

    I have a set of brand new seat covers, they came with my 99, they were never installed. Their Okole type,tag says Wet, Hawaii, I think their the scuba suit material. Their black, red trim/logo. If anyone is interested, make an offer. Thanks
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    Question: 88 Starter

    This question is for the GMJunkie, I have a 88, 4+3, w/58000mi., I just replaced the starter, should there be a heat shield of some type for the starter? There was none on mine and it appears that the new starter is the third one on the vehicle. Like everything else on a Vette the starters...
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    Headlight Knobs

    WTB, Manual headlight knobs or the complete unit..............
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    Hi, I have 3 telephone book size shop manuals on the 99 coupe , I was wondering if some one could tell how/where to adjust the stops on the headlights so they comply with the hood/valance..........Thanks
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