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    '84 corvette- Throttle Position Sensor (check engine code)

    Hello, I have a'84 corvette (sincenew, 37K miles) – Last Sat, when starting the car, and turning on the AC, Ifelt the RPM’s fall off, and then the check engine displayed on the dash. Using atwo pin connector, with the ignition on but the motor not running, I pluggedthe 2 pin connector into...
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    '84 vet driver window regulator / ribbon cable

    Hey folks, Have a an '84 corvette, 35K miles, and my driver side elec window stopped working today. I can hear the motor work, but the window is stuck half open / closed. Not sure, but sounds like a the 'ribbon cable' broke like so MANY of these cars. Trying to figure out what my options...
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    84 vet AC "evaporator"

    Hello Folks, Have searched this forum and others, and all I read is, it's not fun . . . I have a "very" small leak in my R12 freon, (1984) AC system - which has been identified from a freon leak detector coming from the AC evaporator. So, I am looking for some suggestions, instructions or...
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    1984 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

    Hello, Have a 1984 Corvette, with 35K on it, have had the car for 29 years, always garaged and maintained. About 200 miles ago, the car started to have a fast idle at a cold start up (1500 RPM's) - when the car was operating at normal temps (180* coolant). (900 RPM) Then the idle would...
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    1984 "4+3" overdrive "console switch"

    Hello Folks, I've read most of the posts, including those from Ken . . . have the shop manual but still can not figure out how to remove the 1984 "4+3" overdrive "console switch" . Again this is for a 1984, and not a 1985, whereas the overdrive switch is located on top of the shifter. In...
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    1984 corvette "overdrive"

    hello folks, have a 1984 Corvette with the doug nash 3+4 overdrive. car has 34K on it, i've owned it since 1984, had the overdrive unit rebuilt 8K miles ago, from a rebuilder in FL who has done thousands of these. i put less than 500 miles per year on this car. overdrive ran fine last...
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    1984 hood adjustment - drop from 18" (BANG) or easily push down both corners ?

    Hello all, Have an 84 vet (Z51, Doug Nash 4 & 3 speed), with 34K original miles - 2nd owner, have had the car since 1985. I've been told, that when you drop the engine hood to have both sides latch, you should grab the center hood (by the windshield) and drop it from 18" - I've read this is...
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    84 coolant system

    84 Stock 350 4/3 manual Vet Just drained the coolant by removing the lower hose (passenger side) which is about 2.5" from the bottom of the rad. I flushed water from the top of the rad through the bottom radiator outlet, did not do a complete engine/rad flush. I did not start the engine during...
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    1984 pass vanity mirror "bulb" replacement

    Feel kinda silly, and I do have the owners / maintanence manual and still can't find it. And I've searched the forums here, but nothing specific to the 1984. But I can't seem to figure out, how to replace the "bulb" in the passenger vanity mirror. In advance, all suggestions are greatly...
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    1984 Vet A/C ?

    Hello, I have 84 vet (30K orig miles), had the AC (R12 freon) serviced in 1999, since then I have driven 3K miles and the A/C was not used for months. When I had the A/C serviced, they replaced the hi & low sensor switch, removed the R12 / Oil, added Ester Oil and 3 lbs of R12 Freon. Now...
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    84 stock corvette - 160* thermostat

    Hello, I have read several posts about putting in a 160* thermostat to reduce the temperature . .. . If you greatly reduce the engine temp, what happens to the heat of the engine oil, does not the engine oil need to get to 212* in order to burn off the internal moisture/water inside the...
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    '84 Rocker Arm (Valve Cover) Gaskets

    84' Rocker Arm (Valve Cover) Gaskets This ought to raise a few eyebrows: I have a 84' Vet with 30,000 original miles - I noticed that there was an oil leak on the passengers side of the rocker arm/valve cover . . . So, I decided to replace the gaskets with Fel-pro PremaDry - Plus...
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    1984 Delco Radio- Right side volume

    Hello, I've got an 84' with the stock "Delco": AM/FM/Cassette radio (not Bose). I noticed that when the "Radio" is on both "right" speakers are somewhat faint when listening to it, when I try to turn the balance knob to the far right, I do get sound out of the right front and rear speakers...
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    1984 Antenna Grommet removal

    1984 Antenna Grummet removal Hello, I've read all of the posts, and have instructions, and have "almost" removed the power antenna from my 84' to replace the broken mast. Tire's off, wheel well is off, retaining nuts off, disconnected the antenna 3 plug harness at the rear - inside of the...
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    New K&N Air Cleaner - now Idels Fast?

    All comments are welcomed. Just replaced the Air Filter with a K&N, and after driving the car for a few days, I noticed the Idle speed was around 1,000 - 1,100 RPM and before the K&N it was 800 - 900 RPM. Any ideas as to why this occured and how do I get the Idle back to 800-900 RPM?
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