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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    Okay, I can live with that name. It does fit as every time I go out the Z is swarmed with bees. I think they may believe it's the biggest babe they have ever seen.
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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    Great looking wheels. Should last a lot longer than stock. Had to replace both back wheels on my Z06 due to multiple cracks. Sorry about the name. I'm sure I can come up with something better. Never meant to slur a yellow Corvette.
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    For Sale 2019 ZR1 wheels

    Show us what you put on the yellow beetle.
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    First Ride

    I think my pulse and breathing rate are now normal enough to discuss getting a ride in a ZR-1. The NCM auctioned off a ride with Tadge Juechter(Chief Corvette Engineer) at the wheel to benefit the expansion project and I was lucky enough to win. Not only did I get a couple of laps around the...
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