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    Kent Moore ABS tester

    any interest in This ABS tester just wanted to you guys first chance before it goes onto craigslist 75.00 you pay for shipping
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    custom chip burner needed

    Hi guys and gals. I am in need of someone who can burn a chip for me. it's for my 80, I'm at that point in the TPI swap. It's got th MAF setup. thanks for any and all info. tom
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    help ID this P.S. pump

    Can someone help with an ID of the power steering pump/res. In the attachment. Thanks tom
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    to cut or not to cut

    I'm looking to make my own air duct for the tpi. You C3 guy know how it's bolted up so would I get away with removing a section and still be safe.
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    need some advise

    I just got the fuel tank installed, the straps are a PIA is there a certain procedure to install these? I have been fighting these things for about an hour now and I'm still not any closer to getting them bolted up. tom
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    FYI steeroids on ebay

    Hi if anyone is looking to convert to steeroids there is one up for bid on e-bay 67-79 currently going for 700.00 i would bid on it but I have an 80 don't know what the differance is between a 79 and 80 would be. tom
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    yoda has a twin? or....

    Wow must have been quite the weekend?:D
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    electic fan ?

    What are you using for an electic fan. tom
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    tpi project pic

    it's going kinda slow. Part here part there. just got a 1982 fuel sending unit and a TPI fuel pump. So I guess I will try to drop the tank tomorrow, and install the intank fuel pump and sending unit.:beer tom
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    possible upgrade/update

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2007-Corvette-Engine-Transmission-w-Full-Suspension_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33615QQihZ009QQitemZ190183252493QQrdZ1 Here you go if any one is looking to upgrade.:beer
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    turbo on an 80

    Has anyone ever seen a rear mounted turbo I'm talking at the rear of the vette under the fuel tank? E-bay has one, it's different. I tried to attach a pic hope it worked
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    parts cars

    any one looking to buy a parts vette you might want to check out, insurance auction. registration is free. http://www.ridesafely.com/minventory.asp?vt=A&AuctionDate=&Region=
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    GM Certification decal

    Anyone looking to buy a certification decal there is a person on Ebay that is selling them and will type in your info. seller is sharonz28 later tom:beer
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    fuel injectors 24# or

    Does anyone know what # fuel injectors I should use. It's a ZZ4 with a stock tpi set up. Thanks tom
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    fuel injector questions

    high impedance? low impedance? Can someone please explain the difference other than one is high and the other one is low impedance:confused I'm in the process of selecting a set of injectors for my80 that I'm converting to tpi. tom
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