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    Top Truss Bar

    I spoke with Tom today and he confirmed a run of the Truss bar if you want in please contact him. The more he can do at one time the better. His name is " Tom Gasper and I received a request to post my AFSB Bar Or Truss Bar. I am the original designer of this AFSB Bar.From TTR Performance. I...
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    93 Yellow/White

    Looking for how many 93 Yellow/White C4's were built. I know only two were ZR-1's, anyone have info on how many LT1's were built? Thanks Steve
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    96 ce lt4 z51

  4. Wegone

    2004 Coupe

    We Gone
  5. Wegone

    Anyone own 1990 #118

    I was looking thru some stuff I have and found a build sheet the NCM had sent me for the wrong year. Its for 1990 #118 Black/Gray. Will be happy to pass it on If I can find the owner.
  6. Wegone

    Inner wheel well ???

    I had the good luck of killing a road gator in the process it cracked my left front inner fender well. I have spent the last few days looking for a new one problem is they are all black. Mine are gray? Could I get you 90's and early 91's guys to look and confirm if your front inner wheel wells...
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    1977 FS

    1977 just under 30K miles all original even paint. Auto, AC, CC, PW, PB, AM/FM-8 track, luggage rack Int. just redone, new brakes & tires, shocks, F&R sway bars New fuel pump, water pump & alt. New SS master cylinder and calipers, Rust free frame. Still needs AC recharged, head light...
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    HUD Issue?

    For the past few weeks I have been noticing my HUD display will get dim than bright as I drive along. This only happens during daylight driving, everything works fine at night. I looked up how it operates in the service Manuel and it is supposed to have a light sensor. Does anyone know if this...
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    82 CE Steering wheel?

    Did the 82 CE steering wheel have sewn seems at all 3 spokes? Just got mine back from rewrap and never paid much notice before I sent it
  10. Wegone

    Mirror Wind deflectors

    Looking for GM part #s Thanks Steve
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    Got an 82 CE Sat.

    Pictures of the new Addition to the family :D...
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    82 Collectors ???

    What I'm looking for is if it came standard with a 1SB or 1SC upgrade and what came with the upgrade if it did..I know what options you could get in 82 just don’t know if power seats, antenna, oil temp or any of the other options can on the CE package…much like the ZR-1 option on the C4 with it...
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    Parts..Parts..& More Parts

    I sure hope I remember where they all go!!!!
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    Updated pics of the 77 Project

    Updated pics of Project 77 http://peachstateposse.com/ipw-web/gallery/album243
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    New Door Panel ?s

    I just got my new door panels for the 77, I am going to change the trim over and was looking for any comments or tips on this. As most of you know most of the trim swap is straightforward. But what about the door handle trim parts with the rivets? Grind them off drill and reinstall with...
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