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1963 L76 Intake Manifold



I am a relatively new corvette owner and have noticed the interaction and helpfulness of members posting to this site. I am trying to find out information on the correct intake manifold for the L76. I know that it is unique to this year and car, but I haven't even seen one since one of the previous owners of my car decided to put an Edelbrock C4B manifold and a Holley carb on top of the stock engine. He did leave the original air cleaner in place though :) I have looked in several books, but have yet to see a picture, description, etc. for this intake. Any info would be appreciated. Additionally, any advice on whether it is worth trying to track one of these down would be appreciated.
'63 intake

First off welcome to the Corvette Action Center and congrats on your new '63. A friend bought a new '63 in white with a 300/4 speed. Beautiful car back then and now.

Your right that the '62 and '63 340 hp aluminum intakes were a different part but I'm not sure what the visual differences were. These 2 plus the 350/365 hp intake all look similar. Fortunately they all have casting numbers on them.

The '63 340hp L76 has casting number 3794129.

The '62 340 hp is 3795397.
The '64 365hp and '65 365/350 hp is cast 3844461.
The '66 and '67 350 hp intake is cast 3890490.

As far as putting it back original goes I would at least collect the parts if the rest of the car is mostly original. Having these can make a difference if you ever want to sell or if you want to have it judged as original. If it runs well as is just throw the 340 intake and carb on the garage shelf for the time being.

Speaking of that, you will need a Carter AFB number 3161S. You will also want to attend shows like NCRS judging events to see what everything looks like in it's proper place and to see what other pieces you may be missing related to the intake and carb.

Just a hint but I often find Corvette parts at non Corvette swap meets are sold much cheaper. Just takes a little more digging.


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