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1963 Z06


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I see that GM only made 199 of the Z06's for 1963; does anyone on earth know how many are still in existence today?

Why only 199?
'63 ZO6

Corvette buyers were not nearly as well informed in those days. Some dealers chose not to tell buyers about racing options because they didn't want to have to work on them. The ZO6 was a race package and the brakes didn't work well cold. Also the 36 gallon fuel tank was a part of the package and consumed ALL of the rear storage area. Even 1 bag of groceries would have to set on your passengers lap. Just not practical. Made a great race car though. Here is one of the more famous ones now vintage raced by Vic Edelbrock Jr.


oops. Attachment didn't work. The picture must be too big.
We have a member with one. I forget his handle. :eyerole

The top of the tank was about level with the bottom of the windows/top of the seats.

Groceries? Wouldn't that weigh the car down and you'd just go slower?:D

Ken, thank you for the site, it is really great and I think we should all check it out. Putting up a scan from the original receipt was really awesome!:)
My Z06

It has been a while since I visted and just came accross this thread. I think part of the problem in the limited production was the Knock Off wheels. The were part of the package but they just could not hold air. They did not figuire out the solution until August 1964. I received a note form GM telling me that I either took the car without the wheels or they would refund my money. I order my car in Nov 1962 and the car was not built until the fourth week of May 1963. The built the cars in five batchs basicly due to all the special equipment that went into them. The first two or three batchs went to establihed racers, I was just getting started so I was on the end of the list.

The car was a beast on the street mainly due to the metalic brakes, they did not stop the car until really warm. I still drive the car and I drag the brakes for the first 2 to 3 miles. During my PV in 1988 the first test was using the parking brake on a hill, I told Carlton this will not work but we tried it any way. Slipped right down the hill like nothing there. ( He understood metalic brakes after that and did not hold it against me.) We did the same test after the road run and they worked great.

Other then that it was a fun car. Someone also made a good comment, the dealers did not want to work on them so they discouraged the customer from buying the Z06, I had to put a thousand dollars down payment and wait 8 months. I did make out ok since he forgot to charge for the 4SP and the FI.

Glad to answer any questions you guys may have my new E-mail is dvanweele@cfl.rr.com.

PS I had a fun day yesterday with Mike Skinner, the NASCAR driver, he has a 2002 Z06 and lives a few blocks from me. We did a few pictures of the two cars together, if he gets me prints I will try to post them.
Great to hear from you again. I'm going to post your web site for those that haven't had the opportunity to see it yet. It is definately worth a look.


We are all fortunate that you kept such a special Corvette all these years. Can't waite to see the pictures of Mike Skinner's and your Z06s together. Have you invited him to be a CAC member? What other NASCAR neighbors do you have?

Stop back more often. We value your input.

Thanks for the Kudo's

I drop in every so often. Since going back to work, could not stand retirement, the time just seems to fly by.

I live in a neat place called Spruce Creek Fly-In. We have our own 4000 foot paved runway and most homes have a taxiway and hangar in there back yard. I am building a metal airplance that will be used for racing, Reno etc, my son is the pilot I just help with the wrenches and hangar space.

My neighbors run include Mark Martin, Wally Dallenbach, Benny Parsons, Kevin Harvick, Richard Childress and Mike Skinner. There are a few National Champion drag racers in the community but I do not recal their names. John Travolta and Tom Cruse live here for a while but the 4000 foot runway was to short for them. Bill Lear Jr. (Lear Jet ) lives three house down from me and a few famous authors live here, Tom Block (Flying Magazine) and Don Axion the novelist.

I bought in here back in 1982 before all the famous moved in. I could not afford to buy here now so it was like buying the Z06 in 1963. You never know what the fickle finger of faith will do. Save the Wave and the best to all for a Great Holiday Season.
I'll trade you a half dozen of my neighbors for a half dozen of yours.:grinsanta
Re: ThanksGIVING

Z06vett said:
You never know what the fickle finger of faith will do.

(Curious, was it a slip, or did you mean to use the word "faith" instead of "fate" Dave?)

Actually, either way, ain't it the truth! And this is a perfect example of how we should all be grateful for whatever comes our way.

Most of us live a life of relative ease, compared to some, and we're always reminded of how much worse it could be. We may say "Look at Dave and all he's got...", add to that the fact that it cost him so much less than you could buy it for now, and you say "If only I'd have..."

I hear about this place of his and his Z06, and think gee, that must be nice; wish I coulda done that. But then I look around me and am once again reminded of just how nice I do have it already. Then I thank my "higher power" again.

And of course, we know that we all (Dave too!), have to work for it. If you don't work for it, you can't fully appreciate it now can you? ;)

Just ramblin' again. Sorry. :eek:

_ken :w
Your right

It was a slip but you are correct.

You have got it right about working for it. I worked for many years putting in 70-80 hours per week. I did not inherit anything. I have worked for over a year without a salary, I have spent weeks in a hospital over comming a stroke and then paralysis before back surgery.

Do not get me wrong, I would not trade my place with anyone else. I am now working 50 hours a week in a rural county working for a pitance just so I can give some thing back to this wonderful County. You only get back what you put in northing more nothing less.

I pray that everone is as lucky as I am but your also have to work to make your luck good.
Wait a minute before this gets mis-construed. :eek

It wasn't directed to anyone but all human beings. ;)

_ken :w
neighbor swapping

Racer78 said:

Tom, I wonder how your neighbors feel about that deal :L


If I can get certain ones boxed and shipped I don't care how they feel. I know that I will feel great!!

No time to box em', just ship em' out!
Re: Re: neighbor swapping

Racer78 said:
"Everyone brings pleasure to this place, some when they arrive, others when they leave"

Now THAT is good Keith! :L

_ken :w

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Your coupe in Goodwood Green looks like my old one.


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