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1968 Corvette iixp880



I want one. I wonder were I can find one other than on the net.
I have pictures of this car someplace.

It is a GM exerimental/show car. One of their mid engined engineering projects. There is only 1. Want some particulars?

Frank Winchell of Chevrolet assigned Larry Nies of his staff to come up with an uncomplicated mid-engined Corvette prototype so they would be prepared if they heard that Ford was going to produce the Mach 2, a similar concept to the XP-880. This was in 1967. It had a backbone frame weighing 180lbs! Engine was a stock 427/390 hp hooked to a 2-speed Pontiac Tempest transaxle. To solve the problem of the radiator heating the passenger compartment to extremes the radiator was mounted in the very tail of the car. The XP-880 later became the Astro II show car.

Beautiful Car


I love the flowing lines. You can tell that the styling is from the 60's. Today they would design a wind tunnel machine for aerodynamics.....it would probably look like vacuum cleaner.

The only problem with the 880 is I wouldn't want to drive that car at high speeds, it would probably get airborn.

I like to fly, but not off the ground!
Thanks for the info Tom. I was hoping by posting some cool pix of diffrent or old cars people would remember them and feed us info on them. Or give feed back or just bring back memorys of the old days. When gas was cheap and Motors were big.

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