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Help! 1972 coupe rear spring, 7 or 9 leaf?


New member
Feb 14, 2014
Hi everyone
time to change out my rear spring and can't decide on 7 or 9 leaf.
i want good handling but I don't want to loose my teeth every bump I hit.
my rear spring is shot so would a new 9 leaf be a good enough upgrade?
p.s I do have a rear stabalizer bar (oem but not factory fitted)

Hib Halverson

Technical Writer for Internet & Print Media
Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
71 04 12 19
"Good handing" comes from the package of front and rear suspension modifications not just adding a rear bar or a stiffer rear spring.

If you have base front suspension and an aftermarket rear stabilizer bar, I'd stick with the base 9-leaf spring unless you are also going to do something about increasing the front spring rate. Otherwise the car is going to be hard to drive at the limit due to a tendency to oversteer.

If you want the 7-leaf spring, then you need to go to the F41/FE7 front spring and front stabilizer and the appropriate shock absorber choice.

With a C3 anytime you go to stiffer springs or bars, you sacrifice ride quality.

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