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1977 Radio



Hi all, I'm looking for the am/fm stereo radio that my car was origiannly purchased with, the only problem is, I dont really know where to look. I'm new to the car rebuilding scene, so any advice on where I might look would be great. I have ordered a few corvette magazines, mid-america etc. , but none of the ones I have seem to offer original radio's. I think 1977 was the first year that the standard Delco radio was put into the corvette, so would a radio from a 78 or 79 work? U58 is the specific one I am looking for. Should I look to ebay?

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1977 radio

Dont know if this will work for you.. but take a lookhttp://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/ebayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1808430328&r=0&t=0
I've got one with an 8 Track, if you are interested. Unless its for originality, I wouldn't put it back in. It's underpowered and the sound is not that good, though this could be the two original speakers, which I have as well.

Thanks for the help guys. The one on ebay is good up untill 76 which is the year before they changed them over to the stadard GM delco radio. I cant quite remember, but I think there is quite a difference in size, the 76 being quite a bit larger.

I would love an 8 track, if only it had originally come with one. This car came with U58, the am/fm stereo. The Alpine in it sounds ok right now, but I like the look of the original much better, so I figured I'd try to find what was in it origianlly. It will probably decrease my sound quality, but all you really need to hear is the rumble of the engine right? :) Thank you for the offer bobchad.

I'm sure you can find something in Hemming's, you can also have it sent out for a rebuild so the look is original but the sound is much better.
Good luck with your search.


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