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1980 Electrical Issue?


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Aug 1, 2018
Milton Delaware
1980 Silver Coupe
My first post to this forum, hoping someone can help. I had my AC charged in my 1980 Vette just before needing it this past spring. I used it long enough to be sure t was cooling properly and basically parked the car. Recently I went to take it for a spin and turned on the AC. It appeared to be cooling properly for the first couple of miles and then it just stopped. I mean now I don't even have a working fan switch even with the AC in the off positon. When attempting to activate the AC using the switch I can see there is no power to activate the AC magnetic clutch My thought is checking for a blown buss fuse, or maybe multiple fuses? Any one out there ever experience this or have any ideas? Any help will be totally appreciated. Longrun.
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I'm going to move your thread into the C3 Tech forum for greater exposure.
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I'm not sure if the fan and the compressoer clutch are on the same fuse or not. Your owners manual should tell you which fuses to check.

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check the fuse in the fuse box 1st,for the heater and a/c...
there is a separate fuse for the fan.I would start there....
good luck

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